Top 5 Father’s Day Tile Designs That Your Dad Will Love

June 19, 2020

What are the perfect tile designs for your dad?

  1. Wood-look tiles
  2. Mosaic tiles
  3. Modernized marble
  4. Concrete-look tiles
  5. Industrial-look tiles


You’ve probably taken note of every single gift that you have given your dad in previous Father’s Day celebrations. Sometimes, it’s far too easy to just fall in the trap of giving him the same present over and over. While your dad may still appreciate whatever present you have for him, there’s no better way to change up this year’s celebration by incorporating such a novelty – tiles. Seemingly too daunting in the beginning, choosing the right tile designs for dads can easily make his special day truly an occasion that is worth remembering. You also need not rack your brains to figure out how to accomplish this feat, it’s as simple as a walk in the park.

You don’t need to become an expert in architecture or interior design to transform any room in your living space with these perfect tile designs. In much the same way, you also don’t have to spoil the surprise to your dad by brazenly questioning him on his style preferences. All it takes on your end is a spark of creativity. Find out why these tile designs are perfect for this endeavor.


Wood-look tiles

20x100 2100P4

[20×100] 2100P4

Wood-look tiles are something that the everyday handyman will surely love. For most dads, nothing gives them a greater feeling of accomplishment than by fixing something broken, such as electrical utilities, plumbing installations, or lighting fixtures. Some say that dogs are a man’s best friend. But you can say that a toolbox is a handyman’s best friend.

Nothing is a better reminder of your dad’s passion and skill in fixing, and creation, other than Floor Center’s 20×100 2100P4 tile. This tile is utterly reminiscent of the crafty quality which is present in many fathers who have gone down this path. This wood-look tile is durable, easy-to-clean, and also makes for an easy installation. Though such a design may be unconventional for your dad, you can guarantee that he will take no time in trying to convince you that he should be the one renovating his own room on the highly anticipated June date.


Mosaic tiles


For some people, working with mosaic designs can be difficult. At first, you may not even consider this option when it comes to having it as a Father’s Day gift for your art-loving dad.

You don’t want to settle for “just right”, rather you’d want to surprise your artsy dad with a mosaic tile design. It need not be said, but mosaic tile designs bring out the best in every art-loving dad. There are simply numerous ways to mix and match this design to create an unconventional yet totally worth-it look. Check out the W-04 black, gray, and creme mosaic tile. Guaranteed, your artsy dad will spend countless hours experimenting on this one.


Modernized marble

EG20 [60x60]

Has your dad ever dreamed of having marble tiles for his home? Nothing simply beats the natural look offered by this kind of design.

As beautiful as this tile looks, you should know that naturally-marbled tiles are quite expensive. Don’t be disheartened, you can still achieve this same look through using high-quality marble-look ceramic tiles. The best thing about these tiles is that they won’t cost you a fortune, making it a perfect addition to any contemporary fixture for your dad’s dream design. Try out Floor Center’s beautifully-made EG20 for this elusive look.


Concrete-look tiles

60x60 M73-7

[60×60] M73-7

Dads come in all shapes and sizes – but we love them all the same. Granted it is a bit difficult to genuinely appease those with extravagant tastes – yes, we’re talking about car enthusiast dads – this doesn’t mean that you’ll give up altogether on making him smile on Father’s Day.

If you can’t surprise him with a car, why not surprise him with a room to house his car? No, you don’t need to build a garage, but rather, just the appearance of one. Using concrete-look tiles like the M73-7 any room can easily feel like something out of a motor speedway. Sleek and stylish, this is the tile design perfect for your car-enthusiast dad.


Industrial-look tiles

60x60 P136-4

[60×60] P136-4

Your dad is undoubtedly a part of the backbone which holds the entire family together. Another fitting way of culminating your Father’s Day celebration is showing your dad how he truly is influential in building up the family morale and encouraging everyone to pursue their passions and aspirations.

Industrial-look tiles are precisely the thing to get the job done. Reminiscent of architectural elements, nothing says home like these designs. Choose from a variety of industrial-look tile colors such as dark grey, black, and spotted. If you’re looking for something your dad will truly appreciate, the P136-4’s smooth matte surface can easily make him drop his jaws at the sight.


Key Takeaway

If you’re tired of presenting your dad with generic Father’s Day gifts, make this year different by offering him unique tile designs that can reflect your dad’s colorful personality.

These tile designs for dads are far more personal than any gift you might come up with. There’s no time to waste – start shopping around from Floor Center’s vast array of tile collections for the perfect gift!

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