How Home Design Will Change After COVID-19

July 7, 2020

What are the different ways home design will change post-COVID-19?

  1. Emphasis on hygienic building materials
  2. More flexible home layouts
  3. Greater spaces between areas
  4. Requirement for safe outdoor spaces


COVID-19 has affected almost every kind of industry imaginable. You don’t even have to look far to see the effects of the pandemic on most of the economic sectors in the country. Part of this sector is the world of real estate and interior design. There’s no question that home design after COVID-19 will be drastically different from what people have already been accustomed to.

By simply understanding the many implications of the virus on industries, you would also be able to easily imagine the kind of changes and modifications that will be implemented. Two things can be identified as being at the forefront when it comes to post-COVID-19 interior spaces — social distancing and maintenance of proper hygiene. Continue reading to learn more about the many ways home design will be altered after COVID-19.


Emphasis on hygienic building materials

Emphasis on hygienic building materials

After COVID-19 there would likely be a greater emphasis and consideration when it comes to the kind of building materials that are used. In particular, homeowners would likely begin focusing on using easier-to-clean materials and those which do not really require extensive maintenance.

There are many ways for this to be achieved. It can be through something as simple as choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles. Floor Center’s tiles are perfect for this because they not only meet whatever needs you may have, in terms of enhancing appearance, but they’re also not difficult to maintain.

By using these kinds of tiles and building materials of the same nature, you can better guarantee yours, as well as, your family’s safety.


More flexible home layouts

More flexible home layouts

Aside from the utilization of hygienic building materials, many homes that will be built after COVID-19 would prefer the presence of more versatile and flexible home layouts. One cannot underestimate the importance of mental health wellness and physical health wellness — these two are tied together, after all — in coming up with appropriate post-COVID-19 home designs.

Flexible home layouts mean that there would be a construction of more rooms inside a residential space. These rooms are built for the purpose of accommodating a wide variety of activities and simultaneously promoting the need for social distancing. With a higher level of flexibility allotted to each space, there is also more freedom in modifying the function of a particular room.


Greater spaces between areas

Greater spaces between areas

Social distancing is probably one of the most common phrases people may have heard during quarantine. There is a greater need now more than ever to establish spaces as a way of keeping everyone safe from infection or even cross-contamination.

This need for greater spaces would also be reflected in architectural styles after COVID-19. The addition of a larger physical space enables families living inside a house to have a greater breathing room, helping them become more productive and efficient in each of their respective activities as well.

As there is no slowdown in the foreseeable future when it comes to the popularity of work from home setups, ample house spaces provide a key for this.


Requirement for safe outdoor spaces

Requirement for safe outdoor spaces

Authorities have not been stopping short of constantly reminding the public not to go outside. This is, after all, one of the safety measures in giving yourself a better chance of not contracting the virus. However, this isn’t to say that heading outdoors is already a thing of the past — it need only undergo the necessary modifications.

In applying this concept to home design settings, it simply means that more people would likely increase the demand to create safer outdoor spaces for their homes. These outdoor spaces are great in offering homeowners a safer way of enjoying the outdoors, without compromising on their safety. They may experiment on the kind of outdoor space that may want to have for their homes — they may opt for roofed verandas, sturdy backyard decks, a patio, or a gazebo.


Key Takeaway

Home design after COVID-19 may put more emphasis on sanitation and livable breathing space. Depending on the preference of future homeowners, architects may make a variety of suggestions to accommodate these home designs.

Changes in home design, however, are not only limited to the ones which have already been written above — as the virus continues impacting the architectural/home design sector, many more COVID-19 friendly home innovations will eventually flourish. Click here to contact Floor Center for more information!