4 Urban Modern Design Ideas

March 11, 2021

What are some urban modern design ideas?

  1. Natural stone
  2. Continuous spaces
  3. Relaxing hues
  4. Plush furnishing


Urban modern design is a unique take on the industrial and modern design movement. Taking inspiration from the rugged and exposed structuring of industrial, with a subtler and more minimalist vibe, urban modern design ideas have made any space feel cozier and more comfortable. This kind of interior takes you back to lofts or studio apartments in the hustle and bustle of an urban jungle like New York City, for example. Achieving this design might seem a challenge in the beginning, but it only takes the right elements to bring it all together.

In this guide, you’ll find urban modern-inspired interior styles that are fit for any part of your home. From natural stone, relaxing hues, plush furnishing, or even continuous spaces. Living in an urban modern space can now finally be within your grasp. Read on to learn more.


Natural Stone

Natural Stone

[20×100] AI208

Natural stone has been more commonly associated with rustic styles, but you can easily make it a part of your urban modern redesign. For this render, you can see that the dark stone wall paneling is an absolute standout. It just takes you in and invites you to explore every bit of the room.

For this urban modern bedroom look, focus on clean lines and subtle patterns. Opt for a soft platform bed that blends in with the light wood-look tiled flooring. Another fixture to focus on is the lighting.

Here, you can tell that the main light source comes from the left side of the room — you can also achieve this by adding large format custom windows that take up an entire wall space. Contrast the brightness by installing dimmable accent lights for a walk-in mirror closet or your side tables.


Continuous Spaces

Continuous Spaces

[60×60] G0JBE-06

When you think of an urban modern loft, the first thing that might come to mind is the open-space design where the living room, bedroom, and kitchen all meet together. Staying true to the spirit of this design movement, you also have the option of fusing two spaces that work well together — the living room and bedroom.

To achieve this continuity, you want to make the transition as subtle as possible so as not to interrupt the flow of the spaces. In this render, you can tell how seamlessly the living room prefaces the bedroom on the right side. Aside from choosing matching colors for the walls of both rooms, it’s also a great idea to add patterned tiles that match all the colors of your furnishings, lighting, and accents.


Relaxing Hues

Relaxing Hues [30x90] G2C-01NPEA 1

[30×90] G2C-01NPEA 1

Relaxing hues and colors such as cream, off-white, pale smoke, garage, or light grey are also excellent at achieving a stylish urban modern space. These work well with just about any room size — but if you want to fully contrast the light hues, the grandeur offered by a larger, wider space is more fitting.

Choose midcentury-style furniture for a minimalist, yet absolutely stunning look that highlights the rest of your living room. You can also add your own custom-built wall niches, shelves, and the like — just make sure that they come in relaxing shades such as the ones mentioned above.

Decorate your walls with your choice of abstract art that can further elevate the sleekness of your space.


Plush Furnishing

Plush Furnishing

[30×90] G2C-25NPEA + [30×60] P-3612

Of course, what would a comfortable room be without the addition of plush furniture? At its core, urban modern is contemporary, industrial, and minimalist all-in-one — but it’s not as aggressive so as to belong in only one of these style conventions. With this in mind, it’s important to add a bit of softness by choosing plush furniture or adding more layers to the room.

You want to make sure that the space isn’t overcrowded with soft furniture. Instead, you’ll want to strategically place pieces of furniture that sport soft corners or even tufted surfaces. You’ll also want to layer it up by adding matching rugs or carpets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer comfort and softness to anyone in the room.


Key Takeaway

Listed above are just some of the must-have urban modern design ideas that you can experiment with, in your home or building. Remember that the urban modern design is a fusion of three other classic styles — minimalist, industrial, and contemporary. The trick is to make an eye-catching space while also balancing subtlety.

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