4 Tips to Make Kitchen Look Expensive

May 7, 2021

What are some tips to make your kitchen look expensive?

  1. Pick a luxurious color palette
  2. Replace cabinet hardware
  3. Add a touch of marble
  4. Buy stainless steel appliances


It’s undeniable that the modern kitchen has slowly found its way into one of the most must-have additions in any home. The kitchen has become a selling point. Potential investors pay special care and attention to this part of the house, thinking about creative ways to overhaul it. While you may not have any immediate plans of putting your property up for sale, you definitely want to look into the tips to make your kitchen look expensive not just to add value to your home, but also to improve its appeal and functionality.

Everybody knows that a full-blown kitchen remodeling is arguably one of the most expensive projects. If completely demolishing a kitchen wall is something you don’t want to do, then a few subtle changes here and there that don’t totally break the bank may be worth your while. Small changes like a shift in color palette or buying new and improved hardware for your kitchen cabinet (among others) will easily do the trick. Check out the list below for other tricks to ramp up your kitchen!


Pick A Luxurious Color Palette

Pick A Luxurious Color Palette

[60×120] Y1GL25GE + [10×20] 12GDH1

The right choice of paint can instantly make your kitchen look and feel more opulent. This is the perfect time to dish out mismatched color schemes that don’t work. Instead, you can incorporate tiles with sleek, opulent, and stunning colors that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

Jet black, for example, never goes out of style. Repaint your old wooden kitchen cabinets or opt for black-tiled backsplashes for the desired effect. Stick to similar shades like grey, white, dark grey, ivory, off-white — anything muted tone that suits the versatility of black.

Don’t forget textures! Create visual enhancements by opting for rugged finishes, sheen, high-gloss, or matte. Guaranteed that these choices will elevate the design of your kitchen with minimal effort required.


Replace Cabinet Hardware

Replace Cabinet Hardware

[20×20] 22AW1H-2 + [15X60] A1562

Sometimes, it’s not your kitchen cabinets themselves — it’s simply the hardware. Handles, hinges, door pulls, and other small metal pieces can get outdated fairly quickly. Don’t be surprised if they’re making your once-vibrant kitchen feel a little too on the dull side.

This is why the best way to restore that vibrancy and luster is by investing in new hardware. Rustic pewter wire pulls with intricate designs are perfect for any traditional kitchen, but stainless steel pulls with exposed screws can give it a more ultra-modern look. Meanwhile, the versatile tubular bar pull is ever-present in a simple, yet stylish loft — this goes well with flat-panel, slab, or shaker-style cabinets.


Add A Touch of Marble

Add A Touch of Marble

[60×60] LF6833 + [20×100] AI212

Nothing exudes luxury more than marble. Who knew that this natural stone slab would completely reinvent the way luxury is defined forever? Granted, real marble does have a reputation of being too expensive — but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of worthy derivatives.

You don’t have to completely destroy your walls or floor tiles just to add a touch of marble appeal. In fact, you can bring marble to your kitchen in a number of different ways. For example, adding a marble-look center island can already transform the rest of the kitchen’s surroundings.

But instead of investing in real marble, try marble-look tiles instead. They emulate the look and feel of marble without the downsides on cost, maintenance, and shelf-life.


Buy Stainless Steel Appliances

Buy Stainless Steel Appliances

[60×60] LF6816

Most homeowners who make renovations to their kitchens tend to go over an important, but easily missed aspect of the redesign — the kitchen appliances. They may have done all the work by replacing the cabinets, adding appropriate lighting, or choosing gorgeous floor tiles, but if they overlook the appliances, then it could make the newly-refurbished kitchen look and feel incomplete. Try replacing old and plastic-bodied appliances like coffee-makers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, or kettles into their stainless steel or stainless steel-finish versions.


Key Takeaway

Ready to undertake a kitchen remodeling? You can’t miss out on these tips to make your kitchen look expensive! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go overboard with achieving this design feat by investing in materials way out of your budget. Instead, simple changes like picking a luxurious color palette or adding a marble-inspired kitchen island can get it done.

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