Top Kitchen Decorating Ideas

January 11, 2021

What are the top kitchen decorating ideas?

  1. Moroccan-inspired
  2. Fresh white
  3. Grayscale
  4. Italian-inspired
  5. Modern minimalist


Styling your home kitchen can be fun but it can also leave you with so many questions, especially if you don’t know where to begin. You want it to be stylish, but you also don’t want to sacrifice its functionality. If you’ve always been the type to stick to the basics, your kitchen design can certainly make this a foundation. However, if you want something more chic and sleek, then you might want to check out fresh kitchen decorating ideas that can wholly transform this part of your home into something awe-inspiring.

A kitchen redesign is all about mixing and combining various elements that just seem to work — whether it be the lighting, the cabinets, shelves, countertops, fixtures, and other accents that you may want to include. Listed below are just some kitchen looks that you may want to try on your own. Read on!




[30×30] K3742

For lovers of anything from the arts, this artistic kitchen style might just be what they’re looking for. A standout in this design, are these lovely backsplash tiles that feature intricate Moroccan patterns. It’s perfectly completed with light wooden colors and stainless steel additions that truly make this kitchen come alive.

To achieve this style, stick to custom-built fixtures that not only add to your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also serve a purpose. For example, you may want to incorporate stainless steel hanging racks that are fitted to your backsplash. Your kitchen cabinets and shelves, on the other hand, can arrive in a flat-panel look or any customized modern furniture that you can think of. Come up with a finished kitchen look that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.


Fresh White

Fresh White

[60×120] Y1GL17GE

At first, the idea of whitewashing your kitchen might not be something that you’re inclined to do — and who can blame you? The kitchen is where you’ll be doing most of the cooking and cleaning. You’ll definitely consider the occasional tough stains and grimy surface that can leave an obvious, spotty surface.

However, an all-white kitchen isn’t necessarily something that you should be afraid of. Instead, take this opportunity to come up with a clean, spotless, and most of all, beautiful kitchen design that you can be proud of.

Start off by choosing white-painted wooden storage spaces for your shelves and cabinets. Add a striking contrast to the white hues by mixing in some light wood countertops — you can play around with different stains like ash, white oak, or alder which you can varnish to your preference.




[60×120] Y1AC-51QE

If you’ve always wanted to create a grayscale kitchen, then you can certainly do so, as long as you know how to work with such a versatile design. Take note that this color is all about subtlety and nuances. It strikes the perfect balance for a relaxing and gorgeous kitchen space that just feels like home.

In this kitchen look, you can focus on various neutral and gray colors. It just gives off such a balanced and calming vibe that’s pleasing to the sight.

To achieve the look, try combining wooden and stainless steel/metal elements. It may be the perfect time to buy a new stainless steel refrigerator or range hood for your burner or induction stove. You can also include a small white dining nook with matching wooden-metal stools for seating.




[20×30] I-23XD

This Italian-inspired kitchen is every bit as wonderful as you can imagine. There’s simply nothing like having your own kitchen space that’s reminiscent of 19th-century spaces. You’ll definitely get a phantom whiff of all the delicious meals that have been invented in such humble, yet lively sanctuaries.

With this design, customization is key. Add a fun, wall-mounted condiment rack where you can put all kinds of shakers. Attach it to a beautifully-tiled glossy wall that comes in a light brown or beige color.


Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist

[20×20] 22AW1H-2, [15×60] A1562*

The most distinct feature about this modern minimalist kitchen is the rounded-corner kitchen cabinets that certainly add a fun, playful touch. It’s sleek and clean — two things that you definitely want out of your kitchen space.

This design idea combines features from traditional, whitewashed, or modern kitchens where stainless steel furniture is a staple. Highlight all of these elements by making sure that your kitchen has excellent natural and synthetic lighting. You can try buying fun pieces such as modern pendant lighting or even adding a glass panel door that can truly bring out the vibrancy of your kitchen.


Key Takeaway

In this list, we’ve explored some of the most popular kitchen decorating ideas. There’s every bit of everything for everybody, whether you love minimalist designs, contemporary looks, grayscale, or even Moroccan and Italian-inspired looks. You need only experiment with and combine components that just fit together.

As always, Floor Center’s tiles are the most suitable choice for any type of kitchen redesign. To learn more tips and tricks, check out our style guide here! You can also contact us for more information about our available tiles.

You may also join our FC Tile Viber Community Group. Be at the forefront of stylish trends, tips, and tricks that you can do with our tiles.

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