Tile Trends to Try for the Christmas Season

December 10, 2019

What tile trends should you try for Christmas?

  1. Personality with Fun Patterns
  2. Go for Bold
  3. Large and in Charge
  4. Holiday Naturals


No matter what approach you have, a Christmas tile design can add the holiday flare while you deck your halls. Whether you prefer traditional colors or minimal tones, you can always use tiles to make any room in your home glow with holiday cheer. You can find many timeless designs for the holidays. For the Christmas Season, try these notable tile trends.


Personality with Fun Patterns

Patterns are intimidating at first glance but you shouldn’t let that scare you. Move away from plain tiles this season and choose patterns that add a lot of personality with chic decorative tiles. Nature patterns are becoming a popular choice for interiors. It brings a warm, nature-inspired serenity to any room.

While this can be a chic choice, using large amounts of patterns can overwhelm the senses. Instead of going overboard, reserve the patterned tiles for accent walls or flooring for small rooms. Choose which Christmas ornament or decor you want to accent in the room by placing it strategically with your accent wall. This is a great alternative to wallpaper, and tiles are also durable and easy to install. Definitely check this out if you need a pop of personality in a room.


Go for Bold

Go for Bold

Bold is beautiful. One popular bold statement is the color blue. If you’re looking to explore tile colors beyond your typical neutrals, blue is popular for home design. Bright blues and navy blues have the ability to compliment gold and bronze accents. Blue can be used on your floors and walls to make these accents stand out. If you’re not ready to go all out on your walls or floors with blue, it’s always good to play it on the safe side and incorporate it with neutral colors.

Mix the color blue subtly into white, gray and black backdrops. Make your floors enjoy the cerulean splash with this pairing. Neutral colors keep it safe while still being festive for the holidays. For your Christmas decor, combine your blue floor tiles with yellow gold and champagne gold tones to make the room pop out.


Large and in Charge

Large and in Charge

Cover your walls and floors with this trend. More tiles are becoming large format, which can cover a lot of floor and wall space. At first glance, it can be intimidating but you can get a variety of looks when using larger tiles. It’s important to remember that when installing these large format tiles, weight and thickness should be your guidelines. Large-format tiles also come in thin sizes while minimizing grout lines. The result mimics giant slabs of stone, much like what you see in your favorite hotels. No need to worry about the hefty cost of natural marble when using large-format marble-like tiles because you can cover a lot more floor space which essentially means you buy less for more.

As the holidays approach, large-format tiles can instantly add a luxurious look and feel to your home. The best way to do this is to use marble-like tiles. Incorporate Christmas decor by using traditional colors to make the room look and feel unified. For added glam, use gilded ornaments for some glimmer and shimmer.


Holiday Naturals

Holiday Naturals

Industrial tile trends continue to grow. There’s no sign of losing momentum so far. Tiles that mimic slate, stone, and brick are perfect to complete your natural holiday look. It brings an outdoor, rustic aesthetic to any room. These tiles instantly transform a bland room to an instant cozy holiday haven. These designs are so easy to dress down and dress up for any season. It’s an overall great investment, not just for the holidays.

Brick-like tiles can be used indoors and outdoors for a rugged look. But to modernize a room, lay it down on full or half walls. These tiles look amazing in any lighting and it can add instant warmth, even in the colder months. For your holiday decor, pair it with other natural textures such as wood, leaves, and rattan. A unique lighting option would be to use fairy lights in a mason jar for an outdoor feel.


Key Takeaway

A Christmas tile design can bring life to any bland room. Some designers tend to take these design trends literally, but it’s important to get creative and add your own personal touch to it. Try experimenting and see the many different looks you can get with these trends. Click here for more designs with Floor Center!