4 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

May 6, 2021

What are some easy summer decorating ideas?

  1. Keep it bright with white
  2. Choose a floral motif
  3. Take inspiration from the outdoors
  4. Bring more light into the space


There are tons of creative ways you can decorate your home during the summer. Exploring easy summer decorating ideas is just simply the perfect way for you to add a touch of sunshine to any part of your home. Thinking of nautical-inspired designs for your bathroom? How about a colorful floral centerpiece adorning your kitchen space? Whatever it is, you’re sure to have tons of fun working with summer-ready themes, textures, furniture, and crafty additions to make your home a true standout for this season.

What are you waiting for? Take this year’s summer season as an excuse to make stunningly simple redecorations and redesigns that can take your home to the next level. From simple tricks bringing in more light, these unique summer ideas will definitely keep your home fun-loving and fresh under the sun. Check them out below!


Keep It Bright with White

Keep It Bright with White

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Try incorporating white wall tiles throughout your home. Take special attention to shady areas that seem too dull or bland. White is the most ideal color that can brighten up any room and bring more character.

You can go with an all-white bedroom or kitchen wall with a few contrasts here and there. Work with other colors like sand, light beige, cosmic latte, or off-white. For subtle contrasts, you can layer up the room with different shades. White not only blends in well with the rest of the room’s elements, but it also makes other features of the room pop out and look livelier as a whole.


Choose A Floral Motif

Choose A Floral Motif

[60×60] G0BH-50PEA + [40×40] 56P

A floral motif literally paints an image of the perfect summer. Brightly-colored images of sunflowers, begonias, morning glories, or any eye-catching bloom that you can think of will easily spruce up your wall decor.

Add a floral-themed centerpiece to the center of your living room, or bring in a few of your floral collections from your garden and adorn them on your coffee table. Commit to this style by choosing playful prints and fabric designs. How about a floral throw pillowcase for your modular couch? You can also go for something more unassuming, like a leaf-designed table runner or ceramic floral figurines of your choice. Be creative in how you can make your rooms embrace this unique print.


Take Inspiration from The Outdoors

Take Inspiration from The Outdoors

[60×60] P138-4

Summer is all about the outdoors and it makes sense to take inspiration from it when working on a simple revamp. Beyond the floral print, make your spaces feel more in-tune with the season by bringing outdoor-inspired pieces, like small potted plants, reclaimed wood decor, or even an indoor vertical garden. Simply put, pick anything that reminds you of the great outdoors and adapt them in such a way that fits the vibe you’re aiming for.

Take this unique living room nook for example. Every corner of the space feels cohesive and natural, thanks to gorgeous additions of potted greens in one corner, brought to life by the light coming from the window walls. The blooming centerpiece also works well with the set of wooden and custom-made, low-height furniture surrounding the area for a modern, yet minimalist summer living room arrangement.


Bring More Light into The Space

Bring More Light into The Space

[60×60] 26066

If you don’t have the time and budget for lavish redecorations, then making minimal changes to your current interiors is your best alternative. Imagine what a typical summer home is like — bright, warm, and colorful. Translate this into your interiors by bringing more light into every corner that you can think of.

This means switching out thick curtains with flowy curtains — the ones that you’ll typically find in any relaxing beach house. Make complementary choices like choosing glass decor, limiting your use of dark shades, or even using brighter light bulbs and accent lights that give off a warm glow during the evening.


Key Takeaway

Ready to transform your home into an abode worthy of the summer season? The easy summer decorating ideas above can definitely enhance your once-dull home into a brightly lit and beautifully decorated space you’ll want to retire to at the end of every summer afternoon.

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