Essential Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces

January 3, 2019

What are the essential interior design tips for small spaces?

  1. Consider the scale
  2. Incorporate heightened fixtures
  3. Avoid using drapes
  4. Use white all around
  5. Emphasize the design with vertical pieces
  6. Observe steady simplicity


Tiles designs in the Philippines are offered in a myriad of patterns and styles which can be used to make your small space appear larger than it is. Effectively using these designs will surely make your apartment, condo, or unit more homely. You can achieve this by taking careful considerations in your interior choices.

Consider the scale

[60×60] ME6615 (1)

Consider the Scale

A small space can look bigger than it already is if there is a balance between large and small elements in your room. For example, larger floor tiles can make small rooms appear bigger.  In the case of furniture, you can opt for downsized ones so that your room won’t feel cramped. This will then give you the illusion that your space can accommodate many items. Considering the scale is all about factoring in the proportions.

Upsized furniture can achieve this particular interior design strategy but always remember that bulky pieces will just make the room feel too enclosed. Of course, if you want to install a large statement piece, you can but it shouldn’t consume your entire living space.


Incorporate Heightened Fixtures

If you are short on space, you should maximize the sense of height in terms of your interior design pieces. Try putting in pieces that have a heightened structure to give off the vibe that the area is roomy.

Creating the illusion of space is all about considering movement and balance. If you feel like you are not achieving either of the two, then reconsider the pieces that you have placed in your home. You can also use light as a guide on what you should bring into your space.


Avoid Using Drapes

Wanting a little privacy is okay but if you want to maximize the space of your room, you should opt for shutters or blinds to receive this feature. The space will be roomier if you do not use drapes to make it look cluttered.

Although drapes are an elegant fixture in a room, they can eliminate its simplicity. Drapes and curtains are just an additional fixture in a room that can make the room look smaller than it already is.


Use White All Around

There’s something about the color white which can symbolize lightness and cleanliness. Using it for your space can make it appear with more personality because its reflective qualities open up a room.

Small spaces will greatly benefit from the calmness and the serenity that this color brings and because of its clean quality, the space will look uncluttered. It can emphasize stand-out pieces in the room and it can simplify the design goal that you have for it.

Do not think that white is just a dull color because it can be a great backdrop to natural elements in your room such as a cool interior piece or an earthy fixture. Pairing the airy quality of white will make your space look warm so this is a tip that you should greatly consider.

However, don’t limit yourself to painting your walls with white paint. You could also install white tiles on your floor. For instance, you may choose FC Floor Center’s [60×60] EG19:


[60×60] EG19


Emphasize the Design with Vertical Pieces

Maximize the vertical appearance of your room by using materials like wall paint, wallpapers, wall tiles, or floor tiles.

When it comes to your wall design, always choose bright colored paint, wallpaper, or wall tile. This will make your space look brighter and more open and airy.  On the other hand, if you are focusing on your floor design, choosing darker colors is better. Installing your tiles diagonally will also do wonders for small kitchens, dining areas, or living areas.

Afterward, emphasize this design by placing a vertical piece you want to exhibit. For example, putting a tall bookshelf or a vertical lamp can provide balance in a space.

Observe steady simplicity


Observe Steady Simplicity

If all else fails, keeping things simple will make all the difference in achieving an improved scale in the size of the room.

Keeping things at a bare minimum can help in creating an open feel to space. Small spaces are accommodating to the direction that you want to lead them in. Whether it is the tiles you use, furniture, patterns, and pieces, you can benefit a lot by being simple.


Key Takeaway

Small spaces are fun to design if you know how to maximize its full potential. With these tips, you can now have a head start in knowing how to do just that. At FC Floor Center, we strive to provide you with the best design solutions.

Just contact our team and we can help you by giving you some tips and tricks in achieving the most suitable design for your space. With the best in tiles design in the Philippines, we can be your partner in meeting design goals for your home!

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