5 Trending Bathroom Design Ideas

December 11, 2020

What are some trending bathroom design ideas?

  1. Classic black marble
  2. Terrazzo style
  3. Industrial look
  4. Chic pink
  5. Wooden design


The top trending bathroom design ideas are all about mixing and combining different styles that work together. You don’t have to limit yourself to the typical tiled bathroom design that’s outdated. Instead, you want something timeless, bold, sleek, and clean — all the qualities that complete a modern bathroom.

The great thing about redesigning bathrooms is that you have the creative freedom to come up with unique styles and atmospheres that work well. Focus on achieving not only functionality but a sense of style as well.

From classic marble looks to chic pink designs, here are just some bathroom ideas that you’ll want to check out.


Classic Black Marble

Classic Black Marble

[60×60] LF6833

One of the most exquisite designs that you can do, is a classic, marble-style bathroom. This design is all about sophistication and luxury — there’s simply nothing like natural stone-look elements to elevate a space as versatile as the bathroom.

The thing about marble slabs is that they’re just too expensive. So if you want to come up with your own version of a stylish black marble bathroom, Floor Center’s LF6833 black marble-look tile is one alternative that can help you achieve that sophistication.

Make this tile a part of your half-tiled walls, combined with a sleek border tile featuring a meandered Greek pattern. Of course, you shouldn’t just focus on the aesthetic of your walls — you also need to make sure that your bathroom fixtures also emphasize the design.

Try going for fixtures that have a traditional, but unique charm about them. Adding a gold-rimmed vanity mirror flanked with sconce lighting fixtures on each side is one idea that you may want to try. For other complementary objects like sinks


Terrazzo Style

Terrazzo Style

[40×40] F46

Incorporating a terrazzo finish for your bathroom is a great way of adding more texture to your space. Even if you’re not really into abstracted finishes, terrazzo designs will surely brighten up the appearance of your bathroom.

The distinct feature of terrazzo looks is the flake-like composites that come in a variety of colors and sizes. Don’t let the patterns overwhelm you because they can work well with just about any design that you pick.

You may want to try out this terrazzo-look tile that features crystal patterns with a light brown finish for your walls. If you have a shower area or a bathtub area, you can easily incorporate this design to add a more natural and earthy tone.

Complement your terrazzo-style walls with a layer of square-patterned tiles that feature different natural-stone appearances in white, brown, dark grey, and light grey colors.


Industrial Look

Industrial Look

[60×60] P136-4

Have you ever been to a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant? The first thing you’ll usually notice about these places is the distinctively industrial style they have, especially if there is a focus on minimalism. Some tell-tale features include exposed beams, bare masonry, as well as the use of dark neutral shades like dark grey or black.

If you’ve always dreamed of achieving an industrial appearance for your bathrooms, then it’s important to pay attention to structures that take up much of the space.

Take a look at the walls, for example. Try making use of darker and rough-edged tile designs like the P136-4. Add contrast by playing around with lighter-colored tiles, or focusing on adding a splash of color for bathroom decors like sink basins, counter islands, or wall ornaments.


Chic Pink

Chic Pink

[30×30] 340T

Who says the color pink can’t be a part of your bathroom? Certainly not the next trend on the list. This is the perfect design to come up with a quirky, modern, yet completely functional bathroom.

You certainly would want to get creative with this kind of look. Focus on custom-built bathroom structures that can also give the area a more spacious feel, especially for small bathrooms. For example, you can have small mounted shelves where you can place bathroom accessories of all kinds. Take it up a notch by a unique installation of corrugated half-walls or even any wall paneling material of your choice.


Wooden Design

Wooden Design

[60×60] P133

If you can’t use actual wooden panels for your bathroom, then don’t worry because you can just as well achieve that rustic feel with a fresh new set of wood-look tiles.

There’s definitely an emphasis on minimalism when it comes to these bathroom designs. First of all, you don’t want to overcrowd the space with many ornamental additions or decorations that don’t really fit in. Secondly, if you are going to add decor, keep it simple and natural. Stick to indoor plants or geometrical paintings that come in neutral looks.


Key Takeaway

Some of the best trending bathroom design ideas are just waiting to be explored. The best part is, you don’t have to stick to conventions when it comes to bathroom designs. It’s not just about using basic-colored tiles that look too bland. Instead, you can experiment with custom-made looks that you’ve always wanted.

Let Floor Center’s unique variety of tile designs be your partner in achieving industrial, chic, classic marble, terrazzo, or wooden looks for your bathroom. Click here to learn more about other trending style ideas that you’d like to try.

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