What Are the Advantages of Using Ceramic Wall Tiles?

April 23, 2020

What are some advantages of using ceramic wall tiles?

  1. Hygienic
  2. Resistant to high temperatures
  3. Durable
  4. Environmentally-friendly
  5. Come in a variety of designs


When it comes to designing your walls, using ceramic wall tiles may not have even crossed your mind. Oftentimes, you might resort to just applying wallpaper or a paint coating. While there’s nothing inherently wrong about doing these methods, they don’t necessarily last for a long time and might even require you to undergo more frequent maintenance repairs. For example, wallpaper can be easily peeled off if applied incorrectly, in much the same way that paint designs can easily get outdated.

You should definitely consider installing ceramic tiles for your walls instead. Fortunately for you, you can take advantage of Floor Center’s large collection of ceramic wall tiles which come in different kinds of designs and finishes.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using ceramic wall tiles for your home.




In these unprecedented times – when the country is dealing with a health crisis, hygiene should definitely be on the fore. Families spend a major part of their lives spending time at home. As such, it’s important that houses remain hygienic in order for people to maintain a good quality of health.

One advantage of using ceramic wall tiles is that they’re hygienic and relatively easy to clean. You don’t even have to use complicated cleaning agents, as well as chemicals just to retain the appearance of ceramic wall tiles. Simply wipe them with a soft damp cloth from time to time in order to retain their luster.

If you’ve installed ceramic tiles for your kitchen walls or bathroom walls, they may be more susceptible to grime and dirt. But this is no cause for alarm as cleaning them is as simple as applying warm water and a little bit of mild detergent to a cloth. In order to avoid permanent stains on your wall tiles, it would do you well to clean the stain as soon as it comes into contact with the tiles.


Resistant to high temperatures

Resistant to high temperatures

Another benefit of using ceramic wall tiles is that they’re generally resistant to fire. Your home is supposed to be conducive for living. For this reason, it’s important that the house materials will not pose any safety hazards or risks to the people residing in it.

If your walls have been lined with wallpaper, for example, there is a higher possibility of it catching fire, as opposed to using ceramic tiles. Some areas in your room which may be susceptible to some form of fire danger include the kitchen, living room, and any part of your house which stores flammable items.

By using ceramic tiles, you’d be avoiding such a situation from occurring. Aside from heat, they’re also highly-resistant against drastic temperature changes, ensuring they pose no safety or fire hazards to a particular room.



Young businessman with skateboard walking in rush

With virtually any kind of home improvement project you engage in, you want materials that can offer any room inside your house with the highest level of comfort, design, and durability. You can easily achieve these with the use of ceramic tiles because they’ve been specifically manufactured to last for a long time. Ceramic wall tiles can generally withstand significant levels of pressure. They also do not easily crack.

The durability of ceramic wall tiles allows you to do away with time-consuming activities mainly spent on repair. A wall that has been painted on might require you to repaint a certain section all over again simply due to the development of surface defects.




Ceramic tiles are also another environmentally-friendly alternative to your wall designs. As mentioned before, wallpaper is not only difficult to maintain but it is also subject to constant replacement. You would end up having to use more paper material than you would otherwise have expected. This may eventually prove to be unsustainable since you might end up using wallpaper manufactured with no recyclable materials.

If you didn’t already know many phases in the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles present you with a more sustainable alternative. The raw materials are fairly easy to mine and produce, meaning less fuel is combusted in the manufacturing process. Another feature of ceramic tiles is that they’re composed of recycled materials, further minimizing their impacts on the environment.

Ceramic tiles themselves are usable – you can repurpose them for a variety of other functions to add more design and utility to your home.


Come in a variety of designs

Design is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing ceramic tiles for your walls. Luckily for you, you can easily choose from over hundreds of tile designs by Floor Center which can fit your preference or the style you want for a particular room.

You can either go for a plain black tile color with a matte finish or a marble-look ceramic tile in a glossy finish – either way, you’ll be sure to add a flair of sleekness and vibrancy to any room to wish to have these tiles installed. Floor Center’s wall tile measurements range from 7.5×15 CM to as much as 150×150 CM, ensuring that you’ll have the freedom to mix and match different ceramic wall tiles to your liking.


Key Takeaway

Ceramic wall tiles have numerous benefits for your home. Aside from adding a layer of liveliness to any part of a room, they also benefit your house due to their durability, eco-friendliness, as well as ease of maintenance. There is no better way for you to exercise your creative freedom than by choosing different designs of ceramic wall tiles.

While there are many other benefits of using these kinds of tiles, the guide above has hopefully equipped you with information on just some of these important advantages. Click here to learn more with Floor Center!