Have a Summer Ready Home with These Tile Designs

June 1, 2020

What are the summer-ready tile designs perfect for your house?

  1. QG26066
  2. F52
  3. YM6133 and LM6680
  4. M91-4


No matter how many times you take a shower, or how high you turn on the setting of your electric fan, it just seems so difficult to keep yourself cool during the summertime. Fortunately, you can easily transform your home into a tropical dwelling with these summer-ready tile designs.

In choosing tile designs, you want to make sure that they can provide any room in your house with a sense of coolness, no matter where these tiles are placed. Floor Center’s ceramic tiles can not only achieve this for you, but these tiles are also great at repelling the heat coming from the rays of the summer sun. You’d no longer have to experience uncomfortable moments of stepping on extremely hot tiles. What are you waiting for? There’s no better way of redesigning your summer home than with these tile designs.



[60x60] QG26066

[60X60] QG26066

Tiles with vibrant and lively designs can be considered fit to be summer-ready. This tile design is beautifully-patterned, allowing it to provide any room with a more natural appearance. When it comes to complementing this tile design with your interiors, the best way to go is to always cultivate a good match between and among the colors you’ll be using. This creates not only eye-popping visuals but also gives the room a cool vibe.

Manufactured with an impeccable finish, the QG26066 is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, or any outdoor tile installation of your choosing.




[40X40] F52

Sometimes, going for simple shades easily gets the job done. Floor Center’s 40×40 F52 tile is a lovely addition to a contemporary home with modern-day furnishing and fixtures. Its rustic appeal has the ability to offer any room with a natural, classic hint, while still enhancing modern furnishing.

Perfect for outdoor areas, the finish of this tile can transport you to the imagery of a beachside house with a picturesque view of the clear, blue waters. Its design can surely provide any room with a coolness that has since eluded many homes.


YM6133 and LM6680

[60x120] YM6133 + [60x60] LM6680

 [60×120] YM6133 and [60×60] LM6680

Have you always wanted to give your home a sleeker and more stylish vibe? After all, nothing is reminiscent of summer than the mesmerizing elegance of coastal areas. You’ll be pleased to find out that you can easily achieve a seamlessly beautiful look for any room in your house with Floor Center’s [60×120] YM6133 and [60×60] LM6680 tiles.

Featuring masterfully designed patterns and finishes, these tile designs are easy on the eyes and well-suited for any summer home redesigning endeavor. The smooth finish of the tile is comfortable to the touch and will provide any surface with a cool feel that many summer homes aspire to have. Whether you’re using this tile for your kitchen or as a wall design for your dining room, you simply cannot go wrong.



White dining room interior design. White round table with flowers, candles and cups.

[60×60] M91-4

Finally, there is no better way of finishing this article than with the M91-4 tile design from Floor Center.

Don’t let this tile’s plain cream design fool you – it can easily enhance your indoor wall’s appearance, especially if installed in combination with tiles of darker tones. Its cream color is highly-reminiscent of a refreshing bowl of ice cream during hot summer afternoons.

With its easy-to-clean finish, your interiors would virtually be able to withstand the hot climate in no time at all.


Key Takeaway

Preparing your home for the summer is as simple as using the right kind of summer-ready tile designs. You don’t necessarily have to stick to generic conventions when it comes to choosing tile designs to create a perfect summer house – you need only get creative.

From rustic tones and matte finishes to glossy finishes, these tiles from Floor Center create some of the best summer-looks you’ll ever get to experience. Click here to check out more high-quality products with Floor Center!

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