Best Tile Designs for a Contemporary Home

August 8, 2019

Where can you use your contemporary tile designs?

  1. Exterior
  2. Living Room
  3. Dining Area
  4. Kitchen
  5. Bathroom
  6. Bedroom


Contemporary homes are very popular because of their alluring architectural style. A wide array of tiles priced in the Philippines can perfectly complement the elegance of contemporary homes. Did you know that this style borrows a lot of elements from the modern style? Contemporary homes take a lot of inspiration from modern homes because of the exterior and interior similarities. Innovative designs pivot the contemporary style, making it very easy to adjust the interiors and exteriors according to your preference. If you’re curious about what tile designs to use, here are some unique styles you can try out for each room in your house.



60x60 Solar Stone

You can create an entirely contemporary look by using glossy tiles with state-of-the-art materials. Since the essence of contemporary design falls towards the greyscale spectrum, try using neutral colors to make sure that everything still feels lively.

Avoid earth tones as earth tones are more geared towards modern architecture. Thankfully, the aesthetics still remain minimalist. You don’t have to worry about adding extra pieces to your contemporary home. The dark gray tone of the G0AM-51PEA tile from the 60×60 Solar Stone collection has the perfect rustic texture that can complete your contemporary exterior design.


Living Room

31.4x31.5 Sienna

Contemporary designs for living rooms are easy. Just make sure that you make use of clean lines and distinct edges. Contemporary living rooms should maintain a balance when it comes to structure and furniture. Furniture can help keep the balance within the living room by keeping lines straight. Breaking away from straight edges can drastically compromise the contemporary look and make it appear disorganized.

Be fashionable and functional by using furniture that can double as extra storage. The KF205 Ash tile of the 31.5×31.5 Sienna collection has a stunningly inviting look with a lovely tone.


Dining Area

60x60 Classic

Like other contemporary designs, keep your colors neutral or muted. Each room should have accent furniture and you can use your lighting or your table as the accent. For the tiles, you can choose glossy or polished so that it’s easy to clean in case there are spills.

You can go as simple or as elaborate as you want for your wall tiles, especially if you use basic floor tiles for your dining area. The polished texture of the 60×60 Classic collection makes it easy to clean. It’s also very stylish and can fit your contemporary dining room’s current furniture. The neutral in tone helps keep in line with the contemporary theme.



30x60 Vela

You can go either way with the finish of your kitchen tiles. You can use mattes for a contemporary flavor or you can use polished tiles for easy cleanup. Assess the situation in your kitchen to see what colors you can incorporate. If you’re going for other colors aside from gray and neutral tones, go for muted colors to keep in line with the contemporary theme.

Be sleek and keep it chic with your cabinets and counters. If you want to use wood textures, you may do so by adding contrast with your cabinets by using muted jewel tones. The IO2-T tile from the 30×60 Vela collection is a beautifully glossy tile that is the perfect pair to your cabinets. It’s a simple design that won’t clash with the other appliances and miscellaneous items in your kitchen.



60x60 Greyrock

Contemporary bathrooms are also popular in many homes. Think forward and update your floor tiles, wall tiles, and plumbing. Contemporary bathrooms can also give off the luxurious vibe without adding too many distracting elements.

Popular colors for contemporary bathrooms mostly consist of grays and muted tones. Create an open space design with your tiles and wall tiles to keep the contemporary aesthetic. The Fog CL12 tile of the 60×60 Greyrock collection definitely gives off the luxurious vibe for your bathroom while still being utterly stylish and chic.



20x30 Vivere

Sleek and serene should be the main emphasis for your bedroom. Don’t add too many distracting elements as this can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Keep it simple but wide open. Emphasize natural light as your main source of lighting to keep everything contemporary.

You can now use your favorite tones but make sure that your wall tiles remain neutral or muted. Lay the Verde 264B tile from the 20×30 Vivere collection horizontally to cover a lot of ground in your bedroom. The muted mint tone is pleasing to the eye and won’t cause any strain. Greens always give off the right relaxing and chill vibe every bedroom needs.


Key Takeaway

Take advantage of the many tiles offered by Floor Center for your contemporary redesign. Contemporary homes are very easy to decorate and revamp, even for busy individuals. The use of minimalism and neutral palettes make the contemporary style foolproof. Use these tile designs for a contemporary update to your home. Click here to check out more of Floor Center’s contemporary designs that can capture your taste and complete your home aesthetic!