A Feature on the Mid Century Modern Design Philosophy

December 18, 2018

What are the characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Design philosophy?

  • Comfort is king
  • An emphasis on lines
  • The use of “new” materials
  • An explosion of color
  • Powerful textures and patterns


You would think that furniture and interior design ideas of 50 to 70 years ago would already be losing their popularity by now. However, just like how the Victorian and vintage design philosophies continue to spur excitement to their niche of designers and enthusiasts, the mid-century modern design philosophy equally remains relevant.

In the Philippines, the design of tiles can be affected by the overall design of a place.

When it comes to the Mid-Century Modern Design style, however, they’re the foundation to a more comfortable finish!

Take a look at the concepts and ideas behind the popular Mid-century modern design philosophy and the feel that it can bring into your designs. Read on to learn more!

Comfort is King

Comfort is King

The Mid-Century Modern Design (MCM) is said to have started the idea that practicality and comfort go hand-in-hand. Furniture that exudes this design virtually embody comfort in almost every aspect. Most furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables of this design philosophy is a fusion of warmth, realism, and design, making them a very attractive collection no matter how you look at them!

When it comes to tile designs, MCM can inspire you to create a unique but homely look for any space!

An Emphasis on Lines

[60×60] CL09

An Emphasis on Lines

The MCM design philosophy revolves around playing around lines.

It makes use of smooth and clear lines and curves to create a rather understated look. The incorporation of lines makes less seem more. It’s a rather pleasing aesthetic to look at compared to the previously boxy, heavy, and quite ornamented pieces of the previous design philosophies.

With this, nothing feels too rigid or looks austere. Everything is smooth and comforting!

The Use of “New” Materials

[60×60] CL06

The Use of “New” Materials

During its time which was around after World War II, MCM meant using some of the newer materials into furniture and decor. Some examples of these are:

  • Plastic
  • Plywood
  • Glass
  • Lucite (transparent plastic that can replace glass)

The integration of these newer materials led to a lot of experimentation and playing around until they found aesthetically pleasing. One of the most famous results of such experimentation is the famous Eames lounge chair which is one of the most replicated and redesigned chair ideas during its time!


An Explosion of Color

In the MCM design philosophy, colors are utilized in an interesting manner. For example, some would prefer to have their walls bare while using loud colors on the furniture and the overall design of the room. In a way, the bare walls allow the color to shine through these spaces.

However, there are also times when the walls will have bold colors. When it comes to this, the designer would opt for loud wall décor pieces that will really bring excitement to a room.

For the floors, the designers back then utilized carpets to add the neutrality or color to a room. But now, they are choosing to install tiles with loud or neutral colors. FC Floor Center has a variety of products for you to choose from. If you are looking for a pop of color, you can look at FC’s Chroma Collection. Here’s one of the tiles in the collection:

FC’s Chroma Collection


Wood-Textured and Wood-Patterned Tiles and Planks

The MCM design is rarely satisfied with just one kind of material. Oftentimes, a neutrally toned tile flooring will be covered up with a fur rug while the walls will be made of natural stone or inlaid with wooden finishes—all to create a feeling of power. If you want to achieve this look, try installing tiles with a natural stone finish, just like the [40×40] A41 Cayman Brown:

[40x40] A41 Cayman Brown

In some ways, the MCM design philosophy achieves harmony through differentiation. Patterns are found in things such as wall décor, paintings, pillows, tile layouts and so much more!


Key Takeaway

The Mid-Century Modern Design philosophy is one of the more popular design styles out there. Many designers are opting for this type of look due to its unique look without compromising on comfort—something that a lot of people actually care for!

In essence, the Mid-Century Modern Design may revolve around its furniture and ornaments, however, its foundation will remain versatile. This means that you utilize it when it comes to floor and wall tile installation.


FC Floor Center has a large collection of tiles with varying sizes, shapes, and designs. Take a look at our catalog so you’ll have some idea what kinds of tiles can you install in your home to achieve a look that screams Mid-Century Modern!