4 Stunning Modern Chic Tiles for Your Bedroom

January 30, 2021

What are the most stunning modern chic tiles for your bedroom?

  1. Brown with wood pattern CL06
  2. Matte white G0AM-01PEA
  3. Wood-look vinyl LD185-09
  4. White terrazzo 1-3473


“Modern” and “chic” are probably two buzzwords that you’ve heard to describe interior design or architecture. But what do they really mean? Combined together, you have a whole new phrase that emphasizes bold patterns, unique looks, and an uncanny mix of traditional and contemporary pieces. Now you have a few concepts to springboard on, especially if you’re looking for beautiful modern chic tiles for your bedroom.

The fashion industry defines chic as something that’s sophisticated, stylish, and effortlessly exquisite. It treads the fine line between boldness and subtleness. With the right tiles, however, you can easily approach this tricky thematic tightrope to come up with a design that’s wholly distinct. Check them out!


Brown with Wood Pattern CL06

[60x60] CL06 Brown with Wood Pattern

[60×60] CL06

Wood is oftentimes associated with rustic or traditional decor. However, the modern chic design movement has led to creative expressions of how this natural look can be seamlessly incorporated into any space.

This first tile on our list, while it may not be totally made of pure wooden elements, is nonetheless a great alternative to this natural design. You can call your bedroom “modern chic” by simply mixing and matching various styles together.

For example, the wooden shades can be complemented by vibrant colors from both ends of the spectrum. You can definitely achieve this by focusing on accent pillows, bedding sheets, duvets, or comforters that come in pink, light pink, purple, or lavender. Spruce up the whole look by also throwing in some custom-built side tables for a more charming appearance.


Matte White G0AM-01PEA

Matte White G0AM-01PEA

[60×60] G0AM-01PEA

Modern chic is also about experimenting with different patterns and geometric shapes. Some people may be more hesitant to do this because patterns do have a tendency to overpower everything else in the room. Instead of blending in seamlessly with all the other elements, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb and end up not working at all.

However, you can definitely use patterns to your advantage — the trick is to stick to a two-toned color pallet with bright hues every now and again. If you want to try styling with stripes, stick to matching shades like black and white, pastel gray and blue, or any neutral color combinations you can think of.

Since you’re still aiming for modern chic, add fixtures from different design movements. For example, an Asian-inspired candle holder, a minimalist artwork, or a Scandinavian knitted blanket might not work well on their own — but together, they’re enough to make your room an absolute standout.


Wood Look Vinyl LD185-09

Wood Look Vinyl LD185-09

[18×122] LD185-09

Here you have another wood-look vinyl tile on the list which you can incorporate in your bedrooms for a late modern European feel. This is the perfect time to focus on the various fixtures around your room, like lighting, side tables, beds, ceiling trimmings, or simply your decorations.

Colors in the same palette can definitely bring out the exuberance of this dark shade wood tile. Think beige, cream, light brown, mahogany, walnut, white oak, or willow. Add a lovely contrast to these shades by focusing on not just the quality but also the quality of your lighting.

You want your modern chic, but classic European bedroom to feature hanging lights, sconces, or even recessed ceiling lights. They can help illuminate the rest of your bedroom and highlight your decorations and furniture. To finish the look, make the room give off a relaxing and cozy vibe by layering and maximizing the space.


White Terrazzo I-3473

White Terrazzo I-3473

[30×30] I-3473

Terrazzo can also be a part of your modern chic bedroom redesign and the perfect tile to do it is the I-3473. It’s fun, colorful, and sleek — this is the perfect addition to make your bedroom walls livelier and a reflection of your fun-loving personality.

The artsy and independent interior decorator will definitely have hours of countless fun working with this bedroom wall tile. Now might be the best time to purchase a new platform, folding, or Murphy bed. Daybeds are also a great choice if you want to add a multipurpose element to your bedroom.

Of course, you also shouldn’t forget to decorate. No one likes sticking to conventions but a sturdy white table, modern chic wall nook or niche, or a simplistic side drawer will do the trick. Accents of your choice will definitely be appreciated, be it an old leather-bound book, a miniature indoor plant, or a retro-style alarm clock.


Key Takeaway

Some of the best modern chic tiles for your bedroom are not exactly what they may seem. Those dark wood-look tiles, white terrazzo, or even the plain white tiles? They can definitely make way for your modern chic interiors. With this type of style, you really have the creative freedom to choose what you feel works best. Don’t be afraid to explore other looks that you want to try out.

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