Tiles Design Philippines: An Overview of Inkjet Slate Flooring

January 4, 2019

What are the things you need to know about inkjet slate flooring?

  1. It is made through a high-quality manufacturing process
  2. It offers a wide range of options
  3. Slate flooring has an inherent durability
  4. Installing slate flooring can bring value to a room
  5. It has invaluable style


Inkjet slate flooring is one of the selections from the tiles design in the Philippines that you have to watch out for. If you are not that knowledgeable about this type of flooring installation, this is a brief overview of it.

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High Quality Manufacturing Process

High-Quality Manufacturing Process

Slate floor tiles are produced with natural elements like raw stones. It can come from different regions across the world like Europe, Asia, and North America. Slate is derived from the rough, massive slabs of stone. These slabs are then cut to make smaller tiles. The pieces are then gauged so they can be easier to install. The surface of slate flooring can also come in a more refined design or in its natural state.

The natural stone material is responsible for its unique look and characteristics, the reason why it is heavily considered for home improvement. If you are looking to outsource foreign materials, you should know that the manufacturing process for slate flooring comes at an expensive cost because the resulting design is unmatched.


Wide Range of Options

Once you have seen slate flooring and envisioned it as a viable addition to your home design, you still have to consider the options that you have from this flooring design. Ask your tile provider about the options that you can find here:

  • Gauged or Ungauged

The slate comes off as a rough, broken-like material once it is extracted from the natural stone elements. Once it is refined into tiles, the process requires that the material is gauged.

Gauged slate flooring means that it is flattened back in order to help the tile set into the mortar once it is used for installation. The front and back are flattened so it will not appear and feel rough and bumpy. On the other hand, ungauged tiles do not go through the same process. As a result, they are rougher, which is why it is advisable that they are installed in outdoor applications.


  • Honed Slate Flooring

There are those who would like their slate tiles to be polished in order to have perfectly smooth surfaces. Unfortunately, this can decrease traction from the tiles and it can result in fewer dimensions since the material will lose its basic hue.

Honed slate flooring retains its roughness, but it isn’t too bumpy either. Honed slate flooring can give you a slightly polished look without it being slippery for people to walk on.


  • Polished

The polishing process can make the slate flooring shine and glisten like a marble tile. If you want this for your home, there are many selections for floor tiles available in the market in this format.

A polished finish can give your floor its glowing appearance which can sometimes look ethereal when installed in the right setting.


Slate flooring has an inherent durability

Slate flooring has an inherent durability

Slate can be resistant to cracks, breaks, chips, and scratches; its durability stands out among those offered in many homes and tile depots.

Its inherent durability is due to its natural material which can stand the test of time if you put the effort to maintain it. You can improve its ease-of-maintenance by sealing it. You could also keep the environment in consideration when you are doing so.

With inkjet slate flooring, you will be assured that your tile installation could last for decades.

Installing slate flooring can bring value to a room

If you want an upscale flooring material for your home, slate flooring is the way to go.

It has the ability to increase real estate value to properties especially since it has a unique texture and style. Flooring options like the [60×60] AK603 will be a testament to this value.

60x60 AK603

[60×60] AK603 Michigan Slate

Consider installing it in locations such as the living area or the kitchen so you can see the inherent value that it brings to your home.

It has invaluable style

It has invaluable style

Slate materials can come in both solid color and multicolored options that can match your existing interior design perfectly.

Depending on your decorative scheme, slate flooring can make all the difference in achieving a suitable style for your home. Understand that there are surfaces which can boldly stand out in a room and there are those who have a subtler approach to their design. These options can also be aided by a number of grout colors that can be taken into consideration when choosing a flooring option.

Key Takeaway

Admittedly, slate flooring is not an option that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of tiles design in the Philippines. Slate flooring options can take a back seat when the more prominent options such as vinyl or ceramic tiles are mentioned, but they have a unique quality to it which you should take into consideration the next time you visit your favorite tile depot.

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