Tile Season: FC Floor Center Year-End Sale

December 14, 2018

The FC Year-End Sale is here!

This is your chance to pick exclusive tile designs for your building or renovation project at a much lower price! With the team’s efforts in setting standards in the floor tiles industry, it is only natural that you can receive the highest quality in products from our selections of tiles priced in the Philippines. As you make your way towards the realization that you can finally build your dream home. Our diverse tile styles will help you determine the best approach in design. Maximize the aesthetic potential of your home as you see attractive and versatile designs from our year-end sale.

Designing your home with FC Floor Center will mean that you will creatively achieve home improvements and design with ease. Building and redesigning your home has never been a more splendid experience so join us until December 15th!


For those who are currently designing their dream home, keep in mind that you need to consider aesthetic and functional solutions. A well-structured design using materials with great quality would be the effective decision for this project. It is great news that the affordable price of tiles in the Philippines (as well as other materials) can be integral to your design.

Read on and see how you can make your dream home a reality with the best design solutions.


Things to Remember in Building Your Dream Home

It is an exciting venture to build your dream home. There is a great sense of achievement in knowing that you have finally arrived at the day when you can build it. But before you start creating design plans and strategies, you should think about considerations to make this project more fruitful. Here are some tips:

Create a Solid Design

As the homeowner, you are the only one who can determine what is the best design structure you can follow.

A solid design should be consistent in the way it presents itself. You can choose to mix-and-match or stick to a pattern of your choice but always remember that it should not veer into any direction that is awkward to look at. Try design styles like retro, modern, minimalist, or maximalist. You can make it personal to suit your own taste and style.

Purchase High-Quality Design Materials

High-quality design materials including elegant tile styles can match your home effectively. Finding affordable design essentials will help homeowners achieve the surefire way to have a successful design project. Always remember that purchasing high-quality design materials will save you the trouble of restructuring your design in the long-run.

Establish a Color Scheme

Find colors as you see fit but make sure that you are going to follow a specific scheme. Establish one and stick to it so you can observe harmony in your home design. This will be the standard you can follow for your design because you will know what direction you are going to take for your home.

Remember to follow these tips when you’re stuck on a bind when designing your dream home. They will also come in handy when you’re finally ready to shop for your needed materials.


FC Floor Center: Solutions in Design Made Easy

Find the best surfaces for your dream home with over 500+ options to choose from! The leading player in the tile design industry will help you achieve the best design solutions.

Everyone dreams of building their dream home and now this is your chance to design one that is laden with materials of the highest quality. Talk to us here to know more!