4 Design Ideas for A Luxury Bedroom

April 15, 2021

What are some design ideas for a luxury bedroom?

  1. Sleek black
  2. Statement walls
  3. Gold accents
  4. Rustic luxury


Many people have tried and failed to design luxurious bedroom interiors without going overboard or coming up with a mismatched look. There are just so many elements to keep track of. Add too many elegant pieces and your space will feel like a display museum. On the other hand, too little of it will result in a bedroom that’s bland — your personal style ultimately gets lost in the fold. Fortunately, you don’t have to despair when it comes to coming up with luxury bedroom design ideas.

The luxury bedroom is not as elusive as you may think. It’s all about making deliberate choices on the furniture, fixtures, decor, accents, and lighting for your space. From sleek black, statement walls, to tufted and gold-accented bedrooms, check out these luxury styles that even a beginner can accomplish. Read on!


Sleek Black

Sleek Black

[60×60] K6004

Although the color — or more accurately, shade of — black gives off a more neutral vibe, it’s so versatile that it can very well be part of any interior design style. For a luxury bedroom, this is definitely a color that you’ll want to stick to. Its dark tones add a perfect complement to bright or vibrant shades while also holding out on its own. With black, coming up with a luxurious yet subdued interior takes only a few simple steps.

For this interior, the definite focal point is the white platform bed that features a tufted backboard. More than just appealing to comforts, the bedding design serves to create a seamless contrast between it and the surrounding black hues. This furniture is paired with a matching hollow end table and a white leather tufted couch facing an expansive glass window.

When you have black interiors, you definitely want to infuse some natural lighting into the environment. A choice of either large sliding windows or unique glass blocks can do the trick. Add in a few pieces — how about a partial soft wall panel or a creative centerpiece to complete the look? Most definitely.


Statement Walls

Statement Walls

[20×100] AI208

Did you know that a single statement wall is enough to bring attention to your luxury bedroom? But not all statement walls can get the job done — it’s about using elegant pieces and large-format fixtures that are bigger, bolder, and better. A statement wall can command attention to any part of your room, giving you every reason to adopt it for your interiors.

Unlike the first look, you want to aim for a neutral color theme that doesn’t necessarily have to be black. Light grey, off-white, or even light wooden-styles all blend in well for a muted, yet absolutely luxurious design.

Sticking to conventions, low-height furniture, or platform beds give your room more height, especially if you’re working with a low ceiling or a narrow space. Incorporate vibrancy into the bedroom by strategically placing large glass windows facing one side of your bed and adding accent or track lighting synonymous with luxury.


Gold Accents

Gold Accents

[60×60] K6004

Gold continues to be brought up in discussions where opulence is concerned. As a color, it’s lustrous and unlike any other — it strikes the perfect balance between bright, yellow and metallic. As an element, it’s one of the rarest on the planet. It’s no wonder why many industries have attempted to capitalize on the allure of this expensive metal.

Interior design isn’t short of creative ways of using gold. In a luxury bedroom, gold finds itself a common fixture in wall moldings, trimmings, or even in handles of modular cabinet systems where the most expensive gowns or suits are well-kept.

Bright as they are, gold accents need black to create a visually stunning contrast. Black, glossy floor tiles create a reflective surface that highlights these designs, while a matte black wall finish adds the right appeal to complete the entire look.


Rustic Luxury

Rustic Luxury

[60×60] CL06

While opulence, extravagance, elegance, and splendor are often associated with luxury, you can exercise creativity in producing a hybrid luxury-rustic bedroom. Rustic emphasizes rough-edged, casual, and natural spaces. There’s no better way to enliven this design by adding a touch or two of luxurious elements.

Here, you can use wood-look floor tiles to achieve that rustic feel. Surround it with luxurious fixtures, such as wall paneling, decorative lamps, platform beds, modular side tables, cabinets that come in a singular color palette.

If you’re using light wood patterned tiles, darker tones are suitable, but for this interior, you can focus on off-white, beige, or cream shades that all work together to create a stunning and beautifully lit bedroom.


Key Takeaway

Dreaming of coming up with your own luxury bedroom design ideas? Let this guide get you started off on the right foot! Like most people, you’ve probably had difficulty in creating a luxury bedroom and it’s no surprise — luxury is associated with a variety of elements.

However, the best piece of advice is to always start small. Choose decorations, make little changes here and there. Soon enough, you’ll end up with a fully-luxurious bedroom that you can definitely be proud of.

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