Your Guide to a Better Kitchen

November 8, 2018

What are the ways to improve your kitchen?

  1. Upgrading your kitchen layout
  2. Replace your kitchen countertops
  3. Choose porcelain tiles for your flooring
  4. Alter your cabinets and shelves
  5. Improve your lighting


Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house. It’s where all the food preparation happens, after all. A good kitchen is equipped to face every obstacle that a chef has to face. With that being said, countertops are typically made of granite tiles in the Philippines, but porcelain is a good, if not better, substitute. Why? Because it is stronger and easily customizable!

If you think that your kitchen isn’t what you’re hoping it to be, then maybe it’s time for you to make it better! Find out where to buy affordable tiles in the Philippines so that you can start making your kitchen a whole better place!


Upgrade your Kitchen Layout

The biggest change you can do in your kitchen is its layout. Although, take note that it will also cost you most when it comes to renovating your kitchen. But if you need more space (or less space), then this kind of renovation is something you must take into consideration.

Here are 4 basic types of kitchen layouts. Each type made for specific types of places.

  • One wall kitchens – the perfect space saver. Usually found in studio spaces.

One wall kitchens

[30×30] I-3460

  • Galley kitchens – called a walk-through kitchen. It makes use of opposite walls as countertops.
  • L-shape kitchens – maximizes corner space.
  • Horseshoe kitchens – usually an L shaped kitchen with a lone island in the middle for additional space.

Horseshoe kitchens


Replace Kitchen Countertops

The next thing you have to do to get a better kitchen is to upgrade your countertops! In the Philippines, granite tiles are one of the most common options for these. Porcelain tiles are another option you can explore. In fact, many prefer it than granite tiles because they are more practical and more durable; porcelain tiles beat granite tiles in many ways.

Not only are porcelain tiles stronger and can be customized into the perfect countertop, but it is also very eco-friendly, making use of natural, inorganic materials. Unlike granite tiles and other natural stones which are mined directly from the earth making them pricier. Porcelain tiles are also impervious to water—it is not water absorbent, making it perfect for the kitchen where spills are very common!


Go for Porcelain Floor Tiles!

Porcelain tiles don’t just make for an amazing countertop, but they are the recommended floor tiles for your kitchen as well! Aside from being impervious to liquids and eco-friendly, porcelain tiles are also incredibly durable. It can withstand supporting heavy appliances such as stoves and ovens. It also very resistant to scratches as well as falling plates and glass would have almost no effect on them!

However, porcelain tiles normally have a glossy finish, making it quite slippery when wet. This can be avoided, however, by choosing a different finish, something that has more grip than your typical glossy style like FC Floor Center’s [60×60] G0AM-21PEA:

[60x60] G0AM-21PEA

Alter your Cabinets and Shelves

Alter your Cabinets and Shelves

You will never see a kitchen that doesn’t have any shelves or cabinets. With so many things needed for food preparation, you’d think that these storage spaces are essential in keeping things organized—and that’s exactly right!

When your shelves and cabinets are full, then you know that you’re doing something wrong. Try to maximize the use of your storage spaces while still keeping them quite accessible. The more space you have for your cooking utensils and equipment, the better your kitchen is overall!

Improve Your Lighting

Improve Your Lighting

Cooking and food preparation is an essential skill that people should have. It also makes use of a lot of equipment and utensils that can be very harmful when used wrong, such as knives! With that being said, you should be sure that whenever you’re cooking or at least preparing, every corner of your kitchen is well lit! This will help with not only locating utensils that you will be using but with all the preparations you’re doing!


Key Takeaway

When it comes to your kitchen, improving it little by little can bring about many changes to its efficiency. Even using porcelain and granite tiles in the Philippines can make a huge difference! Having a better kitchen won’t just be an upgrade design-wise, it will also make working in it easier for you!

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