Tile Prices in the Philippines: Play Around Your Budget

September 21, 2018

How can you play around your budget when it comes to a tile installation project?

  • You need to determine your budget
  • You must consider various tile designs
  • Choose whether to hire professional tile installers or go DIY


Once you have the idea of wanting to redo your floor tiles at home, you’ll usually start with coming up with a design and then a budget to fit it. Most of the time, you’d go searching online for tile prices in the Philippines and would calculate things manually, until eventually, you’ll find that floor tiling can get a little bit expensive.

But that’s not always the case! You might have been looking at extremely high-end flooring options and missed the plethora of others available in the market! Sometimes affordable tiles are just around the corner and FC Floor is here to bring you just that!

Determine Your Budget

Determine Your Budget

Most people would start off with a budget, and that’s usually the best thing to do. You have a variety of tiles and flooring designs to choose from so you won’t have any problem looking for one that will suit your design space.

Take into consideration the size of the place that you’re going to tile. Will you be tiling the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or perhaps the entire home? You have to figure this out early on because the area that you’re going to tile will play a big role in determining just how much your budget should be!

Always consider the area first before moving on to the design. In most cases, it’s the size and properties of the tiles that will play a big role in determining its price.

As you are computing this, it’s best to add an extra 10%; these tiles could then be used for the cuts around the perimeter, for backup, and for when mistakes happen.

FC Floor has a Tile Price Calculator on the website (check it out by clicking here!) that will make your life a whole lot easier. This calculator will automatically add the 10% so you don’t need to key in that part.


Tile Shapes, Designs, and Patterns

Now that you’ve got your budget, it’s time to let those creative juices flow and decide on how you want the final installation to look! Will you be planning on a grand design that involves a complicated pattern and a good number of designed tiles? Or will you just settle with simple white tiles in a grid pattern? It all depends on you really—and what your budget dictates. For instance, you can take a look at FC Floor Center’s [60x60cm] ABA6500 Super White tile here:

[60x60cm] ABA6500 Super White tile

A little research will show you that when it comes to tiles in general, there’s almost no limit to its aesthetic value! Different colors, designs, and shapes can be achieved during manufacturing with the advent of tile innovations and digital printing technology.

Tile Installations

[60×60] G0BC-70Q

Tile Installations

Another thing that you should consider in your tile flooring budget is the cost of installation. Laying floor tiles looks easy, but you’d soon find out that it could a bit difficult to do it on your own, especially if you want it to look professional. But there are few good online tutorials you can follow if you really want to consider DIY.

However, do take into account that you might still not be able to achieve the look professionals can promise you. After all, they have the experience and expertise to execute tile flooring flawlessly—albeit at a certain cost.

Whatever option you choose between these two, just be sure to take into further consideration and really think about your desired final output and your budget.


Key Takeaway

Tile prices in the Philippines are relatively cheap particularly when you find the right distributor. With the right budget to boost, you should be able to get the ideal tile installation for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and many more. Just be sure that you also consider other factors such as your chosen tile design (shapes, styles, and patterns) as well as the project’s final output.

Fortunately for you, FC Floor Center’s entire team can assist you with this endeavor. We have a large collection of different tiles featuring various designs and prices that you can choose from. To view them, you may click here.