5 Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2021

February 11, 2021

What are some bathroom tile ideas for 2021?

  1. Subway tile 13GAW1
  2. Wood-look pattern P133
  3. Black marble LF6833
  4. 3D light beige KY3
  5. Concrete-finish grey P141-4


Thinking of greeting the New Year with stylish bathroom decor? Knowing the right bathroom tile ideas for 2021 can easily help you organize bathroom elements, choose colors, and pick finishes that can lead to a stunning look. Think about how your bathroom can match your current living space — you’re arguably spending much of your time at home, so it’s best to go for clean looks and decluttered arrangements.

2021 interior design is all about reining in interior designs that can complement your lifestyle. Focus on straightforward, yet gorgeous looks that appear effortless. Functionality is also a number one priority — it might be time to get rid of outlandish decor that’s too in-your-face. Instead, try to focus on neutral shades. You’ll come up with a unique design that’s truly fit for the year.


Subway Tile 13GAW1

Subway Tile 13GAW1

[10×30] 13GAW1

The versatility of this white subway tile makes it a perfect contender for the ideal bathroom look. Although white is a basic shade, almost any kind of color that you choose can match it — whether it be blue, grey, brown, beige, or black.

You can go about styling with this tile however you prefer, but if you want to stick to the classics, a two-tone bathroom works best. Choose elegant fixtures, like a raised ceramic sink that stands out from the rest. Install it in a floating wooden countertop for added effect and to maximize your space. Spruce up the room by adding in some fresh indoor plants or hanging paintings that fit in well with the whole vibe.


Wood-Look Pattern P133

Wood-Look Pattern P133

[60×60] P133

There really isn’t a single look that defines an Asian-inspired bathroom, but this wood-look pattern tile can very well make the perfect element. Don’t be fooled by the tile design — it’s actually made of porcelain that emulates the natural appearance of wood. Having this as your wall tiles can start you off on the right foot for your dream bathroom redesign.

Asian-style interior design focuses on relaxing spaces that soothe the mind and body. From your bathroom sinks, vases, mirrors, decor, and even hanging racks, make this possible by choosing non-conventional additions.

For example, try adding a makeshift bamboo hanging rack that you can move around freely. Balance the dark wood colors nicely by pairing it with a one-piece pedestal white ceramic basin that gives off a contemporary, yet altogether vintage look.


Black Marble LF6833

Black Marble LF6833

[60×60] LF6833

If you’re planning to focus on your bathroom’s vanity area, then the perfect tile to do it is this beautiful black marble-style tile. It has all the aesthetic appeal of a marble finish, without the lavishness. Paired with the right fixtures, designing an exquisitely classic vanity can be made simple.

A good place to start is by choosing the right vanity mirror. A classic look wouldn’t be complete without the elegance of a framed oval mirror. As for the lighting, two curved sconces lamps can give off a vibrant illumination to the entire bathroom. Step inside this part of your home and you’ll definitely feel as if you’re in a whole other world.


3D light beige KY3

3D light beige KY3

[30×60] KY3, KY5, [30×30] 1-3456-6

Ever dreamed of designing a look that puts even the most lavish 5-star hotel bathrooms to shame? This uniquely 3D-patterned beige tile might just be the missing ingredient. Adorn your walls with this tile and you won’t even have to miss the feeling of luxury.

Similar to the first Asian-inspired bathroom on this list, this patterned tile fits in well with unconventional bathroom features. In the render, you can find a small pergola reflected in the wooden-framed mirror. The entire space also gives off a contiguous, uninterrupted feel that’s emphasized by the walk-in glass shower and the complementary tiled flooring.


Concrete-Finish Grey P141-4

Concrete-Finish Grey P141-4

[60×60] P141-4, [10X30] 13GAW1

A distinct feature of industrial interior design is the rugged, almost brutalist look brought on by the use of exposed structural elements, like bare concrete, beams, or even pendant lights. Achieving this style for any bathroom is as simple as having the right colors and experimenting with other accents.

Sporting natural streaks, layering your floors with this concrete-finish grey tile can help you complete this part of the bathroom. For your walls, if you’re not too thrilled about the idea of exposed masonry, the white subway tile on the top of this list can make the perfect pair. Keep in mind that it’s important to creatively apply it to your walls by going for an English brick bond or cross bond pattern that’s typical of most masonry surfaces.

Don’t be afraid to add whatever elements that you can think of. The industrial style works best with just about anything else, whether it be a nifty shower room corner shelf, niche, floating towel rack, or a stainless steel basin.


Key Takeaway

On the hunt for the most beautiful bathroom tile ideas of 2021? Floor Center’s wide selection is just the thing you need. On this list, we’ve covered different styles, from exquisite black marble, Asian-style, to industrial-look bathrooms that test out your creative flair — there’s no better way to greet the new year.

Can’t get enough of artistic bathroom tiles? Check out Floor Center’s Styles & Ideas guide here! You may also get in touch with us for any inquiries.

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