5 Ways to Elevate Your Life’s Tile

March 10, 2021

What are the different ways to Elevate your Life’s Tile?

  1. Focus on rhythm
  2. Choose the right tile pattern
  3. Add statement colors
  4. Experiment with different tile surfaces
  5. Separate spaces


There’s nothing that offers more versatility than designing with tiles. In every Filipino home, tiles have been a staple — from the humble bungalow to the luxury-contemporary abode, tiles have found themselves gracing such spaces. Curious for ways to Elevate Your Life’s Tile? Floor Center’s beautifully-designed tiles can transform any kind of space into something more extraordinary!

For more than 20 years, Floor Center has committed itself to bring only the most stunning tile designs for every Filipino from different walks of life. Whether it’s a residential space, a high-rise building, retail store, or a casual restaurant, our tiles have brought color and magic to any kind of structure.

To help our loyal customers make the most out of their tiles, Floor Center has worked to provide useful tips and styling tricks through our comprehensive Life’s Tile Book. Here, we’ve outlined the secrets on how you can personalize any space with your tiles. Although tiles are simply a fixture of any room, Floor Center encourages you to take them up a notch by focusing on rhythm, choosing the right patterns, adding statement colors, experimenting with different surfaces, and focusing on space separation. Check it out!


Focus On Rhythm

Focus On Rhythm [60x60] CL06_

[60×60] CL06

To make your tiles seamlessly blend in any kind of space, consistency and uniformity are the key things that you should look at. Ultimately, you want to go for a cohesive design with all the elements matching well together. Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to find your tile rhythm by choosing colors and decor from the same palette.

For example, if you choose wood-look tiles, you need to make sure that your surrounding fixtures sport a similar design. Think of wooden ottomans, coffee tables, mini-bookshelves, or chairs. Complement this choice by arranging your room decor in such a way that it tells a story that invites you or a visitor to scan the room and gain a sense of fulfillment.


Choose The Right Tile Pattern

Choose The Right Tile Pattern [60x60] LF6807

[60×60] LF6807

If you’ve worked with tiles in the past, you’ll know that they often come in square or rectangular shapes. Don’t just limit yourself to patterns you’re familiar with — if you want to truly elevate things, try experimenting with these patterns.

If you’re designing a small space, you’ll want to make it appear larger. To achieve this, layout small tile patterns diagonally — this makes the floors seem as if they’ve expanded. For trim tiles, for example, you enhance your floors or walls by placing them in corners and combining them with your regular rectangular or square tiles for more depth.


Add Statement Colors

3d rendering. Interior of a modern bathroom with a mosaic on the wall. Ceramic mosaic of red and white colors.

[10×20] 12GEK1 + [20×20] 22AW1H-1

Your tiles should do their job of making a statement. While they may not necessarily be the focal element in your room, you’ll definitely want to incorporate visually appealing color combinations that simply work.

If you like working with contrasts, a good tip would be to go back to the basics, that is by consulting the color wheel. Check which colors are on the opposite side of your choice. Say you want to layer your blue-colored tiles. Its opposite color on the wheel is orange — you can choose this color as is or find a lighter shade that complements the dark blue hues of your tile.

Alternatively, you could go for a calmer and more relaxing space. Make it happen by choosing tones on the same side of the wheel. If your primary choice is a dark, solid color, go for lighter shades in the same half of the wheel for a standout design.


Experiment with Different Tile Surfaces

Kitchen interior

[29.2×58] NHC63014

The tile surface can also determine the entire vibe of a room. Glossy, for example, is more apt for locations that easily get dirty and grimy — think kitchen and bathroom walls. On the other hand, matte surface tiles have a more functional appeal. They’re non-glossy and provide good traction to any space.

The two tile surfaces above are usually found indoors, so if you want to focus more on the exteriors of your structure, go for a rustic tile that comes in muted, earth tones, or natural colors. They match well with other outdoor elements such as natural stone, trees, or even lawns.


Separate Spaces

Separate Spaces [60x60] G0JBM-06E

[60×60] G0JBM-06E

Finally, tiles are the perfect choice in achieving an ideal separation of spaces. The feel and aura of any room are important for any kind of structure. You’ve likely encountered this in the form of “ambiance” which defines the overall mood of a room. Much like achieving rhythm, separating spaces allows an area to feel more functional and livable. It’s a subtle quality which is why even the slightest outlier can feel off-putting.

When separating spaces, identify these key functions: social, relaxing, in-between, and kid’s spaces. For example, since social spaces demand interaction, style your tiles in such a way that reflects this attribute — go for achieving comfort, aesthetics, as well as ample distancing.

Use the same principle when designing other types of spaces. First, identify what they are and what they will be used for. Then you’ll want to choose decor, fixtures, and set up lighting in such a way that it feels just right for the space.


Key Takeaway

There you have it. In this list, Floor Center has laid out some of the ways to Elevate Your Life’s Tile with our unique tile selections. It’s all about focusing on rhythms, choosing the right patterns, playing with different tile surfaces, adding statement colors, and separating your spaces. Keep all of these in mind and you’ll be styling away with your favorite tile designs, patterns, colors, and shapes!

Looking for more tips and tricks? Floor Center’s Style & Ideas Guide features must-have design ideas that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Click here to check it out!

You may also join our FC Tile Viber Community Group. Be at the forefront of stylish trends, tips, and tricks that you can do with our tiles.