How to Incorporate Colorful Tiles into Your Home Design

September 16, 2019

How can you use colorful tiles at home?

  1. Floor Application
  2. Accent Wall Application
  3. Artistic Application
  4. Cleaning Dirty Grout


How can you use colorful tiles at home and how do you clean dirty grout? Dirty grout and colored tiles are not a good combination. You may find that your grout stands out more when you’re using colored tiles. Your attention is immediately drawn to the color and the next thing you’ll see is the dirt. This is very easy to do. You just need to dedicate some time off to be able to plan your new tile flooring and grout cleaning. This process is not an anything-goes situation. You need to prepare so you can properly execute the effect you want. Here’s how you can use colorful tiles at home and how to clean the excess grout for them.


Floor Application

Floor Application

60×60 Slate

Floor application can get a bit complicated. It depends on the design you want to go for. If you go too bright for your tiles, you can end up with a gaudy-looking floor design. You need to find balance. Try using neutral tiles with brights and accents. This can bring the balance you need without sacrificing the pop of color you desire to put. Try out this tile from Floor Center. The 60×60 Lithos collection has a matte/rustic tile called Abstract (ML06-7). It’s a combination of cool tones such as a subdued cerulean and a neutral gray. You can take out the guesswork for your tile designs.

If you’re into natural textures, there’s another tile design from the 60×60 Slate collection that is a rustic tile with a lapis lazuli color and gold veining. It’s an elegant, rustic, marble-like tile that can fit your foyer or kitchen. You can even use it to accent certain areas of your living room. The possibilities are endless when you’re dealing with floor applications for your tiles.


Accent Wall Application

Accent Wall Application

40×40 Strata

Accent wall application isn’t as complicated as floor application. If you have a base already present, which can be neutral or earth tone, you can readily incorporate the pop of color you need to bring your room to life. This is especially great for bathrooms.

How do you accent a matte tile? You will need to use a contrasting color or pattern. Blues can pop out when paired with a warm or earth tone color. One tile you can use to create your accent wall is from the 40×40 Strata collection. Creme (S425) is a glossy tile with an earthy baby blue tone and geometric pattern. It combines the best of both worlds. It also has the color and pattern you need to create a unique accent wall.

Accent walls are not limited to bathrooms. You may even use it for your swimming pool. If your pool is using the Blanc (01-0) tile of the glossy 30×30 Aura collection, you can pair it with Blue (170T) from the same collection. Then for the floor of your pool, you can use Azul (WP3303) which is a tile from the 30×30 Montage collection.


Artistic Application

Artistic Application

20×20 Chroma

Artistic applications are where you get to be creative but also careful. You can create different patterns for your surfaces and flooring. Take inspiration from the 20×20 Chroma collection by Floor Center.


This glossy tile collection includes a variety of colors that can help you create unique patterns and symbols for your surfaces, flooring, and more. You can create a pop art surface or flooring that can instantly bring attention to your room.


Cleaning Dirty Grout


Cleaning dirty grout is easy. Clean grout is the secret to clean-looking tiles for all of your rooms. Porous grout is bound to absorb dirt and spills. It’s important to clean them when you can. To preserve the integrity of the designs and accents you created above, wipe down the grout with hot water and apply a cleaning solution on the grout and leave it on as instructed on the packaging.


Key Takeaway

Good tiles require clean, high-quality grout so the tiles don’t immediately show signs of wear. Cleaning your grout and using high-quality tiles can produce great results. If you’re in need of high-quality materials visit Floor Center. Use Floor Center’s high-quality colored tiles to elevate your home design. Floor Center’s ceramic tiles are nothing short of the most pristine quality. Only use the best tiles for your home design by taking a look at Floor Center’s diverse collection of tiles today!