Accent Tiles and How to Use Them

July 25, 2019

What are ways to incorporate accent tiles?

  1. Add interest to your shower
  2. Improve the look of your counter
  3. Accent your mirror
  4. Create a unique tabletop


Accent tiles are unique tiles to use if you want to spruce up the appearance of your furniture and interiors. The price of these tiles in the Philippines is diverse and you can find the right accent tile no matter what budget you have. Accent tiles shouldn’t be limited to just your bathroom.

You can add a pop of color or style to any floor or wall of any room. You can also add your accent tiles to various household objects for a unique look. Many homeowners are also beginning to use tiles as alternative countertops and backsplashes for showers. Accent tiles can be used for a variety of DIY projects, not just tiling work. Here are some examples of how to creatively use your accent tiles.


Add Interest to Your Shower

[30x60] MILAN05D

30×60 Milan 05D

If you don’t have accent tiles for your shower already, then you should consider buying some for your bathroom. If your shower is looking a little bland, you can add accent tiles to create a unique backsplash. You can also create an accent strip surrounding your bathroom. Separate the background from your foreground with a marble texture tile. It adds an interior illusion and contrast to your otherwise simple shower.


Improve the Look of Your Counter

[30X60] I01-T

30×60 I01-T

Your countertop tiles are a wise investment compared to using other alternatives. They’re generally more affordable and can be available in a variety of designs. Countertops over time can experience a lot of wear and tear. If you’re planning to replace your countertop, why not add some accent tiles? Accent tiles can make your counters look new and different.

You can even replace your tiles with stone tiles and accent for an Italian inspired countertop. Instead of replacing the whole unit, accent tiles can save you some money and time. For bathroom counters, you can also add accent tiles to your bathroom counters. While replacing the main tiles, you can add a unique accent strip to add contrast. Marble textures can make any surface, especially counters, look more elegant and put together.


Accent Your Mirror

[30X60] KY12 (3-6E60480)

30×60 KY12 (3-6E60480)

Mirrors in the foyer or your room can look boring if kept plain. Adding accent tiles around big mirrors can immediately draw the eye to it. It can also become a unique art piece within your home with creative accent tiling. If your mirror is embedded within the wall, installing the accent tile will be easier. If you want to create a unique frame for your mirror, you can also use your accent tiles to do this. Give your mirror a charming aesthetic with asymmetrical waves. The waves can match round mirrors or emphasize angled edges.


Create a Unique Table Top

[30x60] MILAN09U

30×60 Milan 09U

Don’t throw away your table just yet. You can refurbish your table and create a unique tabletop with the right accent tiles. These are unconventional uses for these tiles and the minuscule size is perfect for a tabletop. You can even cut up the tiles in various shapes to create a unique pattern. If you want a stained glass effect, you can use glass tiles for this. Glass tiles can add an elegant element to your table.

Tiles in various colors and patterns can be reused as well. This is a great way to eliminate any waste and recycle and repurpose old tiles you’ve been holding on to. You simply have to lay out the tiles on the table and stick the tiles on with your preferred adhesive. Make sure there are no raised edges and parts so that everything remains smooth. Once everything is settled, you can add a layer of epoxy to seal the tiles on the surface. For a pristine tabletop, polished white tiles for the new surface is perfect for outdoor patio tables or indoor dining tables.


Key Takeaway

Accent tiles are very easy to access and use. Don’t be limited to use your accent tiles for just one room, you can also use your accent tiles for various crafting projects. Accent tiles can refurbish and refresh various walls, floors, and furniture. It’s all about being creative and knowing which design matches your project the best. Floor Center is your one-stop-shop for all your tiling needs. When it comes to high-quality tiles for both your interiors and exteriors, trust Floor Center with your future projects. Click here to check out more unique accent tile designs!