How Many Tiles Should You Be Ordering?

January 4, 2019

What are the things you need to remember in knowing how many tiles you should be ordering?

  1. Finalize your tile pattern choice
  2. Measure the room
  3. Multiply the measurements
  4. Calculate the required coverage
  5. Consider buying extra tiles


More than thinking about the price of tiles in the Philippines, you also have to consider how many tiles you would be ordering for your project. There are a few things that you must consider for this aside from doing a straight up calculation. But don’t worry FC Floor Center is here to help you out.

Let’s discuss this further below!

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Finalize your tile pattern choice

Before you start thinking about how many tiles you would want for your space, you should begin by finalizing your preferred tile style first. Calculating the number of tiles for a project can be time-consuming so you have to make it worth your while by ensuring that you are happy with the tile pattern you have chosen.

This will also prevent tile revamping after installation, which will help you save costs and efforts pertaining to design.

Measure the room

This step is simple. Just use a measuring tape to measure the length of the floor on one side of the room and the width on another so you can begin determining how many floor tiles you need to order. Be sure to take note of the measurements because you will need this afterwards. Knowing how many tiles you should be ordering before installation would prove to be beneficial since this will save you the trouble of ordering the wrong quantity and going through the project details again.

For precise measurements, opt to measure the floor twice and see if there is any difference. The key here is to be consistent with the measurements and be sure to get it until you are confident that you are right.

Multiply the measurements

Multiply the measurements

Once you have the measurements of the length and width of the floor, you can now proceed to the next step which is multiplying the measurements. Multiply the length by the width so you can get the square footage of the project area. Multiplying the two measurements will get you the accurate number you will need to determine how many tiles you need to order. Here’s an example to explain this further:

For a room that was measured as 20ft wide by 22ft long, multiply 20 by 22. The answer is 440—this is the square footage of the room.        

Share this calculation with your tile provider so they can double check for you and provide you with an accurate number of tiles for your room. If you are installing floor tiles in numerous rooms, you must do the calculation for all the areas and then add all of the numbers altogether.

Calculate the required coverage

The next thing you must do is translate the square footage to the amount of tile that you need.

For this step, you will need the help of your tile provider. Ask them about the number of tiles that they provide in the box so you can divide the total square footage that you got by the total square footage from the tiles in the box. Let’s say you have 20 square feet of tile, you will divide the total square feet of the room by 20. This means that you would need to buy at least 22 boxes of tiles.

Consider buying extra tiles

Calculating how much tiles a room needs is not the end of this process. It is quite important to buy extra tiles just in case there are any miscalculations that happened in the previous steps. In addition, doing this could be helpful if there is an area you previously didn’t consider installing the tiles on. By buying extra tiles, you can avoid any disruptions and continue working on the project.

Another reason why you must consider buying extra tiles is that you may need to replace a broken tile; it will do you good to have extras on hand for these kinds of repairs.

Be sure to have a sufficient tile budget so that it can shoulder costs such as purchasing extra tiles.

Key Takeaway

Knowing how many tiles you will need for your space is crucial especially if you are thinking about the accuracy of its design. Our team at FC Floor Center recognizes this and that is why we bring you the best in tile solutions. Not only do we pride ourselves in having affordable tiles prices in the Philippines, we also know our way around suitable styles that will enhance the personality of your space. Talk to us here!