How to Achieve a Fresh Tropical Look

April 23, 2019

What are the things you have to consider in achieving a fresh tropical look for your home?

  • The Tropical Style
  • Tropical Colors
  • The Décor
  • Tropical Art


It’s summer and not everyone can go to the beach every day. The good thing is that with the tiles price in the Philippines, you can easily decorate your home into something that emanates a tropical feel. You might be far off from the beach, or in the suburbs of the city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something from your home.

You may not necessarily be near beaches or summer paradises, but you’ll most definitely be able to transform your home into the tropics with these amazing ideas!


The Tropical Style

The Tropical Style

When it comes to design, tropical leans more on the feeling of relaxation, comfort, ease, and hospitality. There is a sense where people can just lay back and laze around as time goes by. A place where all your troubles are gone and you can only focus on the sky, the breeze, and chill atmosphere all around you. Like the light atmosphere that 40×40 S2020P Rose can emanate, you should also install pieces of this quality.

To achieve this style, various combinations of colors, textures, and décor can be used—and once the perfect combination is found, you’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise all in the comfort of your home!


Tropical Colors

Tropical Colors

Make use of greens and blues when it comes to color palettes for the design. Mix in a bit of orange and yellow and you can make it a tad bit more tropical. Keep in mind that the tropical style fully embraces nature, particularly water and plant life.

The 20×20 Verde tile does a good job of fulfilling this design tip because of the coolness of its light-green hue. For this reason, the entire spectrum of the colors found in the tile samples above are fairly suited if you want to go for tropical designs.

Of course, the natural colors of leaves and plants accentuate that tropical feel and you can opt to add a touch of sky blue to make it seem like the tropics altogether.


The Décor

The Decor

Be sure to incorporate furniture made of more authentic and tropical wood. Those will further add to the tropical feel of the whole design. Replicate the roughness of things such as palm trunks, coconuts, or driftwood by using different materials like wicker, rattan, or jute.

What we can advise you to incorporate into your home for this design tip is the 15×80 Dreamwood Rustic, which screams summer all over! Bamboo and Teak are great base materials for some of your furniture. They are great for both indoor and outdoor. They also add this island feel to your home.

Simple carpets that copy the feel of beach blankets can further bring about that vibrancy that is usually found in many tropical design studies. Another important point would be to incorporate plant life into your designs. It’s not just simple vases with flowers.

Choose large plants that really bring that tropical vibe. Adding Flora to your home is a great way to bring about that tropical atmosphere. Be aware of what plants you choose though because there’s a fine line between a fresh, tropical feel and a lavish jungle-inspired design.


Tropical Art

Tropical Art

An interesting alternative to fully refurnishing a home in order to create that tropical ambiance is to simply make use of decorative art. Even simple prints of pineapples, flamingos, and trees are enough to brighten up your walls.

Of course, you can’t disregard the unconventional universality of palm leaves as great art pieces. The 30×30 Landscape would be perfect for this.
Another cool point is to mix and match between wallpapers, photos, paintings, and even drawings.

When it comes to using tropical art, there’s no real standard on what is accepted—which is a good thing because that basically means you’re free to do as you wish. If you’re planning on using tropical art, feel free to experiment on what you can make use of!


Key Takeaway

It’s the summer season in the Philippines but the price of tiles shouldn’t be something that will stop you from turning your home into your own tropical paradise. The beach might be far off but with the help of these ideas on how you can turn your own home or condo into a fresh beach-esque place, you won’t feel the need to go the beach anymore!

Whether it’s through plants, relaxing wallpaper, custom tiles or even blanket-like carpets, there’s always a way to make your home feel tropical all year long. Check out our products here and let your imagination run wild with your design!