60×120 Slabs for a Luxurious Home

June 4, 2020

What are some 60×120 you can use to transform your home?

  1. M6121-6
  2. XPY61226F-1
  3. Y1GL25GE
  4. YM61242


When you take a look at your home, you’re probably brimming with home improvement ideas. Sometimes, this urge to transform your contemporary home into something more luxurious is something that you simply cannot shake off. The old wall painting which has started chafing simply won’t do anymore. You might even find that your tiles have already gone out of fashion. Why not change your floors with some 60×120 slabs? Maybe this is the perfect time to replace your living rooms’ outdated tile design.

At first, switching your tiles to achieve a more luxurious feel for your home can become difficult. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of these fears and anxieties with Floor Center’s timeless 60×120 tile designs. These tiles are vibrant and will liven up any part of your house they’re installed in. This tile size can easily provide any room with a more spacious feel. Featuring natural designs fit for contemporary living, check out Floor Center’s 60×120 tiles.



[60x120] M6121-6_[30x60]NHC63001

Your living room and bathroom tiles would surely do with a little more texture. While lining the floors or walls of these two areas of your home with plain tiles featuring basic and muted colors isn’t wrong, you have a chance to take the design up a notch. There’s no better way to do this than through the M6121-6.

This terrazzo-look tile works best with other bright and lighter shade colors like white, grey, or black. Don’t be daunted by the tile’s highly-patterned tile design because these tiles’ speckled look and feel just further creates a cleaner and more natural vibe for any kind of room. As mentioned before, the tile size can make any area more spacious without requiring you to undergo other more complex renovations.



There seems to be a misconception that it’s fairly difficult to adopt a more contemporary design for your home with rustic designs. Contemporary styles typically take the shape and form of straight, sleek looks with precise dimensions. Other elements that may be markers of contemporariness include shades of black or white. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, though. You can easily incorporate natural designs into any modern installation. One way of doing this is through the XPY61226F-1. Its predominantly light brown coloring featuring natural-looking streaks of white, dark brown, and black make this tile the perfect choice to achieve a rustic look.

While this tile is best fit for virtually any room in your house – bedroom, living room, and kitchen – its style advantage can easily be maximized by having it installed in your dining room. This tile look can adapt well to wood, or wood-look furniture and can complement kitchen or dining spaces belonging in this thread. Don’t worry about getting these tiles grimy – they’re specifically designed to be stain resistant which makes this all the more perfect for any rustic dining room area.



Interior modern bathroom 3D rendering

Black is one of the easiest colors to work with when it comes to achieving a sleeker look and finish for any living room space. You’ll likewise achieve the same effect by using the Y1GL25GE 60×120 tile.

This black tile color further enhances your living room space’s modern appearance. One of its most distinguishing features is the natural white-colored veins that adorn slabs of this tile design. While black can complement virtually any color you can think of, the white veins pop up even further in living rooms that feature contemporary decorations. This tile design can highlight any kind of stainless steel furniture you may have in your living room It also adds to the vibrancy provided by your modern furniture and lighting fixture.



[60x120] YM61242

When people usually design their bathrooms, they may unconsciously find themselves avoiding unconventional designs. Usually, they may go for safer choices such as white or black tones, or designs which add an overall feel of refreshment. If you truly want to get the elusive duality of natural and contemporary look for your bathroom, consider a wood-like tile design such as that of the YM61242.

This tile is perfect as a wall installation in shower spaces, as it can easily provide you with a countryside living experience with its rustic appearance. The design blends in well with stone-look flooring in the shade of black to achieve your look.


Key Takeaway

Tile sizes like those of 60×120 slabs may seem difficult to work with in the beginning because of the sheer size. However, with the right kind of tile design, any room can be made more spacious without failure.

Floor Center’s 60×120 tiles are excellent for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, or even as wall tiles – you need only get creative. Click here to check out more designs with Floor Center!