World Architecture Day 2019: The Role Architects Play in Our Society

October 5, 2019

On the surface, architecture is important to society because it’s the foundation of the physical environment we live in. It is a fundamental element of civilization at a given point in time. Architecture as art provides an outlet for a large scale of self-expression. As a science, it answers the needs of society which makes use of technology to create a design.


World Architecture Day 2019

Architecture is exceptional. Many architects in the Philippines work hard every day to create the infrastructures you see. To appreciate architects, the Union International des Architects (UIA) created the ‘World Architecture Day’ in 1986. World Architecture Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October. This day aims to highlight and emphasize the importance of architecture. Architecture created a collective responsibility in designing the world’s societies and settlements.

Architecture has the potential to shape everyday lives. This is done through the hard work of many architects in this field. For World Architecture Day, a specific theme is chosen every year. This draws the attention of various professionals and the general public about certain issues concerning housing and cities. This day is a day of appreciation for the works of architects. It’s also a day to celebrate amazing designs and works from across the globe.

The theme for this year is “Architecture…housing for all”. The aim of this year’s theme is to bring awareness to the challenges of urban living. Proper architecture can change the way many highly urbanized cities function. Today, many architects face the challenge of designing buildings that can fit and work in urban spaces. The overgrowth of the world’s population and traffic is a challenge for many. Architects now must be aware of the effects their designs can do. The right design can impact a city in positive ways while the wrong one can do the exact opposite.


Way of Life

Way of Life

Good architecture can enhance the way of life. Great buildings can easily enhance productivity and boost revenue. Great architecture design goes beyond aesthetics and can drive economic flow. For example, when you’re designing a building for business, you need to note several things. It’s important to determine the building location, business goal, and potential traffic. Can it handle unexpected traffic and is the design safe?

It’s important for an architect to be able to birth a design that’s safe, smart and aesthetically pleasing. An architect has the ability to transform a small space into something outstanding and pulsing with life. One downtrodden building can get another chance with the right plan and architect, thereby giving it a significant economic boost.



Aesthetics and physical appearance apply to buildings as well. Simple designs can be impactful but it can be monotonous and constricting. There’s no point of interest and there’s a lack of outstanding traits. The architect’s job is to add art, creativity, and design to everyday buildings in unexpected ways. You can rely on architects to find ways to make a mundane space into something spectacular.




Balance is an important aspect of any design. Without balance, a structure or portrait can look odd. Designing a building isn’t easy. Architects are the people you should approach in order to create a design with balance. They can make sure that the flow of the building makes sense. This ensures that the design is easy to navigate. If the hospital is designed properly, patients can be treated quicker. Well-designed schools encourage a productive learning environment.



Architects for centuries have paved the way to progress for society. Our current surroundings are created from years of study and history to create the modern structures of today. Without architects, society would be stuck with primitive structures and techniques that will not withstand the world and society’s current requirements. Structures would be weak against the elements. Basics like infrastructure wouldn’t even exist. People would still be walking on rough ground or crude flooring without these innovations.


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