What Are Aluminum Composite Panels?

October 1, 2019

What are aluminum composite panels?

  1. An All-Around Construction Material
  2. For Exterior Cladding Systems
  3. Affordable
  4. Highly Functional


Good materials can determine the outcome of your project. Aluminum composite panels can essentially serve as a solution to the problems that you may face when using materials like concrete, steel, brick, and wood. You can typically find aluminum panels being used in various city skylines. Combined with the right price and tiles in the Philippines, you can reduce the overall cost of your construction project. Read more to learn more about aluminum composite panels and what they can offer.


An All-Around Construction Material


Aluminum composite panels are two aluminum sheets with a thermoplastic core which uses polyethylene. The core holds the two aluminum panels together. The structure of the aluminum composite panels is great for exterior cladding systems. An exterior cladding system is an exterior wall-covering that protects the interior of your home. Instead of using cladding like wood or vinyl, aluminum is a great choice. Compared to wood or vinyl, it has heat resistant features while also being able to withstand humidity and sunlight.

Aluminum composite panels can also be used for interior design. You can create highly functional and aesthetically pleasing work. The flexibility of the material allows it to do more than any other cladding material. It can be bent, cut, and shaped to the design you desire. The panels, when properly cared for, can also last up to 30 years.

Compare aluminum composite panels with other cladding materials, and you’ll immediately notice the weight difference. If you compare it to steel, aluminum is significantly lighter. It’s one of the lightest materials you can use for cladding.


For Exterior Cladding Systems

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Since cladding is for the exterior of the building, aluminum composite panels can also be attached to the building’s framework. The panels can also be used as an intermediate layer for spacers. It’s used to protect the building from wind and rain. Protecting your home from these elements can help preserve the structure. Exterior cladding can also provide sound and thermal insulation.

When using this material, the reduced weight introduces a budget-friendly cladding option. Labor costs and materials costs are lower because it lacks fixation points. The ease of use keeps the overall cost of this material very low.



Aluminum composite panels can be cut and shaped into various sizes and designs. These panels can be colored with a variety of different tone and imitate other material textures such as wood. Even if the aluminum composite panel is light, it still has a naturally durable structure. You don’t have to worry about rooting, rusting, and corrosion since the layer of aluminum oxide protects the material from this.

Each aluminum composite panel undergoes a process called anodization. Anodization increases the panel’s thickness. This is an electrochemical process that turns the metal’s surface into a durable and corrosion-resistant finish. In the end, you have a durable product that’s used by a multitude of industries.

Aluminum is known to resist moisture and sunlight. The panel’s anodized layer protects it from dirt. Maintenance of this material is easy. There isn’t a need for daily cleaning and when you do, it’s not as time-consuming.


Highly Functional

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Other functions of aluminum composite panels include partitioning, false ceilings, signage, and interior design. For partitioning, aluminum composite panels are perfect because they’re very simple to use. These panels can easily be adjusted by removing rivets and screws, allowing you to customize them anytime you want.

False ceilings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a degree of temperature control. The polyethylene core acts as a temperature-regulating agent for the heat. The aluminum makes it durable and you can create a temperature regulating false ceiling that will last for years.

The flexibility of the aluminum composite panels allows for various durable signage to be created. Having signage situated outside immediately exposes it to harmful elements, but the extra durability and heat resistance of the panels can be used to your advantage.

Since this material is very easy to cut, creating unique interior design pieces requires minimal effort. Depending on the type of aluminum composite panel you use, there’s potential in creating a multitude of interior furniture and decor with the material. You can create an elegant piece with all the benefits offered by aluminum composite panels.

The aluminum composite material is also highly resistant to flame. It can resist temperatures as high as 600-degree Celsius. Make sure to ask your supplier if your aluminum composite panel core is non-combustible.


Key Takeaway

Aluminum composite tiles can protect your home from harmful elements and be used for a variety of different projects. There is a wide selection of different colors and finishes you can choose from with Floor Center’s aluminum composite panels. Try aluminum composite panels for your next projects, whether interior or exterior projects!