Style Your Home with the Best Tile Prices in the Philippines

October 9, 2018

There’s a lot of things to consider when styling your home this 2018. Even with the most common design philosophies that can be found in your average home, some people still go beyond making their home creative and innovative!

If you are having trouble starting this project, one of the best places where you can begin your efforts is your home’s floor. With the price of tiles in the Philippines in a relatively good position, it’s a great time to start thinking of refurbishing your home into something that will just exude your innovativeness and personality!

With that being said, there are a lot of tile designs, patterns, and combinations that are sure to be great inspirations for your project. For those of you planning on giving your home a new look, you might as well take inspiration from these fabulous and affordable floor tiling ideas!

Go Classic, Simple, and Smooth

[59.5×59.5] A06GZABL-WH0.G0P 

Go Classic, Simple, and Smooth

Who said simplicity isn’t beautiful anymore? With more designers embracing a maximalist philosophy around the Philippines, minimalist design is still pretty relevant in most places!

Going with a straight lay pattern – either horizontal or diagonal – with a very simple neutral tone is still a great option for floor tiling! Not only does this serve an elegant look, but it also brings emphasis to other things that you want to highlight in your home!


Bring Out the Patterns!

If you want to spice up your floor design a bit more, then you might want to try out incorporating patterns and different styles onto your floor tiles! Contrary to popular belief, tiles with fancy designs don’t cost that much compared to simple, neutral tiles.

You can even choose tiles that you need to firstly layout in order to see the bigger picture. Some of these tiles are mosaics that will add another level of design and texture to your floor. One perfect example of them is FC Floor Center’s [30×60] Y364:

[30x60] Y364

Aside from opting for tiles with a beautiful layout, you could also let your creativity flow with the way you install your tiles. Are you going to lay them out side by side, diagonally, or even crisscross? You will have the power to choose how you can install them and become the ultimate designer of your own place.

Fuse Patterns and Designs

[60×60] G0KA-02+G0KA-03

Fuse Patterns and Designs

Sometimes there’s just so many options when it comes to patterns and tile designs that you simply have to get both of them laid out on your home. Most of the time, they make the most amazing design fusion that people see!

For example, hexagonal tiles may have their own line of design principles and patterns that are amazing on their own. But if you find a way to incorporate this with simple grid patterns using rectangular tiles, then it adds an interesting twist to the already cool designs.


Get Crazy with Different Customizations

You don’t have to rely on old designs for your own plans. Many new designs have recently come up so consumers, such as yourself, can have more options when it comes to the design of their home. This collection includes variety in sizes, shapes, feels, textures, and material. There are also a good number of tile layout patterns, that is, if you want to use the usual ones.

Feel free to do your own design no matter how unconventional it is. Sometimes a little bit of chaos can bring loads of aesthetics to your floor tiles! Break the patterns, don’t follow the layout, and don’t rely on just a single tone of tile!


Key Takeaway

Home renovation involves all aspects of your house, including the commonly disregarded floor tiles. Their prices in the Philippines are currently in a great spot. Now is the perfect time for you to get some home improvements!

Here at FC Floor Center, we have a lot of tiles in store for you! To check out what we have to offer, click here!