Budget Room Makeovers: How to Easily Freshen Up your Dull Rooms

May 24, 2019

What can you do to freshen up your rooms on a budget?

  1. Be clean and organized
  2. Add pops of color
  3. Mix in patterns
  4. Add layers and texture


There are a lot of things that you can do to give your rooms a new style. In the Philippines, the price of tiles aren’t anything that you should take note of a lot—especially since there are inexpensive options that bring about quality and good design.

A room makeover is easy when you have the right resources and concepts. In fact, you can do so within the weekend if you really know what you’re doing. As bland as some of your rooms might be, it might just take a simple rearrangement of furniture, repainting of the walls, or a new set of tiles to make it as vibrant as it can be.

All you need is to have the initiative to do so. Check out our list of quick, easy, and budget-friendly ways to give your room a makeover!

Be Clean and OrganizedBe Clean and Organized

Sometimes, the main reason rooms become bland is that there is too much clutter everywhere. A room that’s disorganized and full of unnecessary things might not be dull on its own—but it’s most certainly a sight for sore eyes.

This would usually be the first step with every room makeover, and for some, it’s the only thing that you should do. By organizing your room, you can easily make it more spacious, cleaner, and feel more appealing

To add more depth to the clean look, try using muted colors such as white and beige. They make your room feel a lot more refreshed. You may also choose to change up your flooring into something classier. Our Classic 60×60cm polished collection offers tiles of nine different designs that will fit perfectly into your clean and refreshing new room.

Add Pops of ColorAdd pops of color

To further enhance your makeovers, you can simply add color to an otherwise monotonous design. This is the most common practice when people want to spice up a room that has a predominantly neutral tone.

You can do this through pieces of décor, bed sheets, throw pillows curtains that have a different, more striking color than the tone of the room. Choose colors that will set themselves apart, those that are contrasting to the dominant color scheme.

Again, you can make use of your floor and wall tiles to help set the neutral tone, or you can let it contribute to the vibrant colors you can add. The Travertine Collection is perfect for setting up neutral tones, while the Chroma collection can help add vibrancy to your makeover.

Mix in PatternsMix in Patterns

Adding patterns to a room is one of the quickest ways to add another level of design to it. People would usually make use of wallpaper to quickly cover up bland walls with interesting designs and patterns that catch the attention of most visitors.

You can also emulate this by hanging up décor of different rhythmic designs and patterns. You can also create your own patterns with furniture, collectible items, and your windows. See our Zeno collection. These have interesting patterns that can help add depth and structure to the rest of your design.

Patterns don’t necessarily need to be eye-catching nor does it need something new. Try to experiment with your current decorations and other items on what can showcase patterns when placed correctly.

Add Layers and TextureAdd layers and texture

Bedrooms and living rooms are often filled with layers. Layers of blankets, pillows, comforters and the likes. However, these layers might not provide the same depth of aesthetic as other decorations give.

The same goes for texture. Different fabrics, raw materials, and shading of colors can bring about texture, but the wrong combination can make it dull and plain. When adding layers and textures, you have to make sure that you consider adding depth to the design.

For example, give purpose to layering on your bed and add a bit of fluff to it to make the bed look classy and incredibly comfy. Likewise, use textures that make sense to create a feeling of completeness – match wooden furniture with polished floor tiles and smooth curtains for a classic look.

In this case, floor tiles can play a vital role in completing the design—so you have to be careful when choosing to change them up as well. If you will, we recommend considering the Graze and Cabana Collection for more texture while also giving room for layering to take place.

Key Takeaway

Redesigning your rooms in a budget is easier than most people think. You can fully rely on your current furniture and just rearrange them. Oftentimes, a room makeover will only need a few new things. That being said, with the prices of tiles in the Philippines, it’s fully possible to have a change of floor or wall tiles as part of a complete budget room makeover!