Bathroom Tiles: Why You Should Go Porcelain

December 2, 2019

Why should you use porcelain tiles for your bathroom?

  1. It’s Durable
  2. It’s Resistant to Stains
  3. It’s High Performance
  4. It’s Easy to Clean


Many people associate porcelain with ornaments and toilets, but porcelain can be useful in other parts of your home as well. Porcelain bathroom tiles look great and function well for bathrooms. Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile that’s made from fine, dense clay. It’s then cooked in high temperatures which results in a tough, scratch-resistant tile that also resists stains.

Most modern porcelain tiles come in a variety of designs that can fit any style. It can also mimic different materials such as marble, granite, wood, bamboo, and more. It’s not only visually appealing but also very durable. Scroll down to learn more about porcelain tiles.


It’s Durable

It’s Durable

When you choose budget options for your flooring, you may find that it’s not exactly durable. Every once in a while, replacements and repairs are done in order to maintain your tiles. This is especially evident with bathroom tiles. It can be a challenge to maintain due to constant exposure to water. You need a tile that can withstand water and ordinary wear and tear.

Porcelain is one of the toughest options you can choose. It’s hard, dense, and solid. You can expect porcelain to withstand heavy impact. It’s also used in high-traffic, commercial environments. If you plan to use your tiles elsewhere, porcelain also features high heat resistance. It can help isolate flames and restrict the transfer of heat. You may be interested to use this in your kitchen as well.


It’s Resistant to Stains

It’s Resistant to Stains

Staining is normal. Every part of your home is prone to stains due to natural circumstances. There are many ways to keep your floors and walls stain-free but why not choose a material that’s stain-resistant? Porcelain tiles are stain-resistant. Natural staining can be avoided when you use this tile in your bathroom.

Since porcelain tiles are able to repel liquids, it’s also able to repel liquid penetration. You don’t need to worry about your porcelain tiles being stained by pigmented paints or dyes. If you really want the highest level of stain resistance, choose a glazed porcelain tile instead. The added glazed layer can make it almost impossible to stain and discolor your tiles.


It’s High Performance

The high-performance capabilities of porcelain tiles not only look good but they also allow your flooring or walls to last longer than average. Porcelain tiles are resistant to cracking and breakage. If this does happen, it’s easy to repair. It’s very easy to replace as long as you have a spare lying around.

The clay used to create porcelain tiles are dense. It’s baked in high temperatures to ensure lasting density. This ends up with a material that can be comparable to the hardness of granite. This then makes porcelain suitable not only for your bathrooms but other high traffic areas in your home. It will be tough to do significant damage on your floors when using porcelain tiles. If you have pets at home that tend to be hard on floors, this is a great investment that will surely last for years.


It’s Easy to Maintain

It’s Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is always important. This makes sure that your floors and walls are long-lasting. If don’t take the time to maintain your floors, it can lead to breakage earlier in its life span. It’s similar to caring for your health and your car. You need to properly care for it so it lasts. Porcelain tiles may be durable, but it needs some attention as well. Thankfully, they’re very easy to maintain and clean. Since it absorbs little moisture, it can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.

For maintenance and cleaning, water and a mild detergent is all you need. Periodic mopping of your surface is also recommended. If you find that there’s loose debris on the floor, sweep this away immediately. It may damage the glaze of your porcelain tile.


Key Takeaway

Porcelain bathroom tiles are amazing options that are cost-effective and durable. You can create different looks with the durability of dense clay and fire treated porcelain. It’s a tile you can easily invest in because of the many benefits it contains. It’s easy to maintain, durable, and resistant to stains. If you’ve been looking to replace your bathroom tiles, you should definitely look at Floor Center’s collection of porcelain tiles. Go to your nearest branch now and upgrade the look and feel of your interiors.